The Order of St.Dionysius II

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Chapter II

Despite the fact, that her bed was warmer and softer, Sister Claudia did not sleep well that night. She was sure she did everything she should to wash the sin of lust of her! As soon as she came back to her cell, she hid the sack with straw, run to the sermon, and afterwards prayed hard for the forgiveness. She even considered going to the Mother for a confession, but that would only raise unpleasant questions, and she wanted to avoid that at all cost. She rather spoke to the Lord directly. He always listened and never asked. He also didn't judge.
And yet, she felt guilty. She had problem falling asleep. She replayed the scene from the stables over and over again in her mind. The more she did it, the more guilty she felt. She glanced at the wall, where the Son of the Lord was hanging. Whoever made that statue made sure it looked handsome, and despite visible malnutrition, the figure on the wall was muscular, attractive. Sister Claudia even caught herself thinking about how the figure looked under those rugs. How big was his.... Enough! She just needs to close her eyes, stop thinking and fall asleep, she thought. Eventually she did fall asleep, but it was not restful. She had very disturbing dreams that night.
In one of her dreams, she walked through a forest. But as she walked, out of the ground, mushrooms in the shape of cocks were growing. Everywhere she stepped a bunch of them sprang up and grew quick. She felt their soft warm skin touching her ankles. The mushrooms were eventually trying to grow under her robe, twisting their way up around her calves and thighs, but it tickled and scared her. She run. But from under the mushrooms little devils sprang up, and the mushrooms were their cocks. And they wanted her. They chased her all the way to a little clearing, where only one tree was growing right in the middle of it. It was a majestic tree. Its bark was young and very pleasant to touch, its shadow provided shelter, its leaves on the ground were inviting her to lay down. And she did. And suddenly, the majestic tree wasn't a tree anymore, it was a majestic cock, pointing high towards the heavens. And the ground around the roots fell off, and there laid the stable boy, the tree-cock belonging to him. And he looked at her. He smiled at her. He invited her to touch him. But as she stretched her arm and was about to stroke the smooth skin pulsing with life, the boy grew a pair of horns from his head, his smile turned into evil grin and his cock started spraying white rain across the sky.
Sister Claudia woke up. It was cold in the room, but she was sweating hard. Without thinking, she reached between her legs. She was wet again. She was so wet even the blankets were. She felt as ashamed as never before in her life. She has to reach to the Mother. The Mother will know what to do.
The next morning, Sister Claudia asked the Mother to go to the confession chamber with her. It was quite normal, as little acts of mischief were common between the sisters, and were tolerated, as long as there was a confession afterwards. Sister Claudia didn’t tell the mother why she was in the stables the other day, she just mentioned that she saw a boy there, and he did things to this girl... At which point the Mother cut her short. “Dear child, quiet your voice and speak of no such things in here. Other sisters may hear you. You will come to my cell after the evening sermon, and tell me everything. Do you understand? Good. Now go, pray to the Lord and do you chores.” Sister Claudia was relieved, there was no anger in the Mother’s voice. But she couldn’t help herself not to be curious. Confessions in private cells were not a common practice.
Nevertheless, as the Mother asked, Sister Claudia did. And in the evening, she politely knocked on the door of the Mother’s cell. Inside, it was like any other cell of the sisters. Bare bed, little table with a candle on it, plain chair, and the figure of the Lord’s son hanging on the wall. The only difference was a low shelf under the hanging figure, with an open manuscript and a little whip right next to it. The Mother beckoned Sister Claudia to sit on the bed, and explain everything, in as many details as she could remember. And Sister Claudia did. Sometimes, the Mother stopped at some particular detail, and wanted to hear it again, or more detailed. Like what kind of expression was in the girl’s face, when the huge cock of the boy didn’t fit and caused pain. Sister Claudia noticed, that after going over that detail for the third time, the knuckles on the Mothers hand were white, as her fist was clenched so tight.
When the story was over, the Mother sat in silence for a while. Then she asked Sister Claudia to explain what did she feel as she witnessed the scene happening before her. And the Sister tried to explain. She even told the Mother about the dream. She allowed herself to go as far as to mention the wetness between her legs. Then she fell silent again.
The Mother looked sternly at the girl. Then she ordered her to take off her clothes. This was highly unusual, as it was forbidden to lay aside one's clothes in another sister’s cell. But this was Mother’s cell, reasoned Sister Claudia, so it was probably fine. She undressed and put her neatly folded clothes on the floor. The Mother watched her, then reached for the whip on the shelf. It was skillfully woven out of leather straps, which made a small ball on one side of the handle, and divided itself in eight loose straps, with little knots on the end of each strap, on the other end. It wasn’t big and didn’t look particularly menacing, but it still inflicted fear in Sister Claudia. She didn’t realize she did something so bad. She wasn’t expecting a punishment. She was just about to start sobbing. She was afraid. The Mother ordered her to kneel down in the middle of the room, facing the figure on the wall, and bend over to be on all four. Sister Claudia did so. Then she felt the round end of the whip push her legs apart. She felt exposed and cold.
The first hit was surprisingly mild. It went right across her back, but felt nothing harder than a gentle rain. It was almost pleasant. Second hit, same strength, was across her left buttock. Third one was on the inner side of her right thigh. Sister Claudia finally relaxed a bit. This could be even nice... Aw! This time the whip caught her unprepared. It was strong, it was painful, across her lower back and the right buttock. She let out a hiss of pain. Fifth hit across her left thigh caused her eyes to fill with tears. Sixth one went across her back. Her tears were rolling down her cheeks and falling on the stone floor. The seventh one went right across the sensitive lips of her virgin pussy. She pulled her legs together and sobbed uncontrollably. “Hold!” ordered the Mother, as she spread Sister’s legs with the whip apart again. Sister Claudia was trembling in expectation of another painful hit. But instead, she felt the round end of the whip touching the inner side of her thigh, slowly making its way up, until it touched the now swollen pussy. There, it was pushed a bit to get between the tortured lips, and started slowly moving forth and back. Sister Claudia was taken aback by the sudden change, not knowing what to think and what to expect. But as the leather handle made several rounds across the bead of her clitoris, she let out a moan and realized that a load of her juice was released from inside of her pussy. She felt it going down on her legs, she felt the slippery surface of the whip handle, and started to move in its rhythm. But that was a sign for the Mother. “Stand up. Now put on your robe. Go to the baths and wash your lust off with cold water. Understood? Never mention this to anyone. It’s for the Lord.” Sister Claudia only nodded. She was confused, but clear orders put some sense in her again. She did exactly as she was told.
Little did she know, that after she left, the Mother got undressed herself. She spread some dries peas across the floor, then knelt on it. It was uncomfortable, even painful, but she wouldn’t show it. She was used to it. She took the whip, smelled its wet handle and even let her tongue taste it. Then she swung her arm and brought the whip down hard. Across her back eight red lines of swollen skin immediately appeared. In her mind, she recalled the image from the stables and focused on the details provided by Sister Claudia. She tried to imagine the pain the girl must have felt, when the boy tried to penetrate her. She whipped herself again. And again. Sister Claudia. How exposed she was. How humiliated she was. How much pain did the young body took! Swoosh - the whip hit her back, her buttocks, her breasts. And all the while as her right hand with the whip caused so much pain, cleansing her soul of lust, her left hand disappeared in the thick bush of hairs in her lap. Twelve times the whip came down, twelve times eight scarlet marks now decorated the body of the Mother. After the last hit, she lowered the whip between her legs, pressed it against her hungry pussy, moved her hips twice and similarly to Sister Claudia before, the Mother flooded the whip, her legs and the floor with her wetness...


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