We have the pleasure to invite you to download the new version of our mobile application, this time with a new feature, which will hopefully please most of you: receiving and sending of messages. At the moment, you can enter the conversation from the user´s profile only, but we won´t be long with introducing a complete messaging system. We wish you happy messaging! Download here.


We wish beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a lot of sex to all amateurs! :-) Team Amateri.com


Couple seeking couple | Stále skúšame 👎😢😢😢😢😢😢z

😍😍Ahojte sme manželský pár a hľadáme podobný Pár na výmenu partnerov môžte byť aj bi ale to nieje podmienka a kľudne sa môže ozvať aj samotná žena a bolo by to super a… Show details

Man seeking man | Damske

Kto v damskom na príjemné, diskrétne stretka? Silonky, pradielko, lodičky... Show details



Guys iam so lonely and i wish to know any one of you so let’s have some fun