We have the pleasure to invite you to download the new version of our mobile application, this time with a new feature, which will hopefully please most of you: receiving and sending of messages. At the moment, you can enter the conversation from the user´s profile only, but we won´t be long with introducing a complete messaging system. We wish you happy messaging! Download here.


We wish beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a lot of sex to all amateurs! :-) Team Amateri.com


Man seeking man | Orálek

Ahoj, najde se mladý kluk z Prahy nebo okolí... Co rád kouření? Show details

Couple seeking couple | Vášnivý pár hledá pár - otroky

Jsme vášnivý pár (muž a žena) a hledáme mladý sympatický pohledný pár (dívku a kluka), oba štíhlé až hubené postavy (max 25 let, mladistvého vzhledu), výrazně… Show details


First time in a Swinger's club

We went to the Paradiso club on 12.01.2019, it was the first time for us in this club and the first time for us in any swinger party ever. The reason why we decided for…