We have improved messenger so you can better manage your conversations on mobile device. More info in the blog.


We have the pleasure to invite you to download the new version of our mobile application, this time with a new feature, which will hopefully please most of you: receiving and sending of messages. At the moment, you can enter the conversation from the user´s profile only, but we won´t be long with introducing a complete messaging system. We wish you happy messaging! Download here.


Man seeking man | Brno - honění venku

Ahoj, já 23 let, 185/80, dole 17/5 vyholený. Rád bych našel někoho fajn s hezkým pěkný M, kdo by nafotil venkovní galerie společně s našimi péry.*7**49* Najde se někdo… Show details

Man seeking man | bi real

Rad poznam bi muze i vice na vse muzem spolu vse zkusit vse muzes me myt na vse napis paaaa Show details


Bulk delete messages

To speed up work with the messenger, we have added the option of deleting conversations in bulk. You can access it on your mobile phone or tablet from the menu that…