ebooks-bdsm-comDriving Miss LucyAuthor: Paul Ferrero Ticsson\n\nThe next day Lucy took him to the bedroom right after they returned from the city. He could not wait, as he knew that today will be a very important day for him. But they walked through the bedroom and into the examination room. He began to suspect it will not be as easy as he thought, but the vision of sex with Lucy ensured his obedience when he was ordered to lay on the gynaecology chair. Lucy bound his arms and legs with leather straps and removed his chastity cage, then she walked away into the torture chamber. When she returned, Peter got scared by the sight - she had a strap-on harness with a sizeable dildo. She went to cabinets to retrieve some odd-looking instruments.\n\nIn no time, Peter realized that he will get an enema and he even knew why. Lucy repeatedly filled him with warm water, letting him empty his bowels on the floor. She immediately washed every speck of dirt into a drainage hole under the chair. When Peter was clean and empty, Lucy took a small chair and sat between his stretched legs. She put on medical latex gloves, lubricated them as well as his anus and began to gently push her fingers into Peter’s butt. Single at first, then another and another. She was massaging his prostate and with her remaining hand, she was giving him a handjob. It was not pleasant at first and Peter felt embarrassed that he is getting an erection when Lucy is caressing his butt, but then he began to enjoy it.\n\nWhen Lucy decided he is ready, she stood up and pressed the tip of the strap-on on his butthole. She began to push it in, carefully and without hurry, but after a while, the entire dildo was inside Peter’s ass. She allowed him to cum whenever he wants. She began to thrust into him, slowly she quickened the pace and continued jacking Peter off. He felt the orgasm approaching quickly and began to squirm in the chair. At the last possible moment, Lucy let go of his cock and began to thrust violently. Peter felt himself cumming, but without any of the orgasmic bliss he expected. He looked at his cock and belly, splattered with sperm, and gave Lucy a sad look.\n\n„What’s the problem, love?“ asked Lucy with an ironic smirk on her face. She scooped his sperm with her fingers and motioned him to lick them. „I kept my word, didn’t I? I promised you we would make love today and that you will cum. And I made love to you and you came.“„But... but...“ stammered Peter, but Lucy interrupted him: „But? Shouldn’t you thank me instead? Or you did not like it? You did not like me making love to you?“ Again, Peter felt completely disarmed.„Thank you,“ he managed at last. Lucy freed him from the chair, put his chastity cage back on and told him to meet her on the terrace for something to drink.\n\n„You thought I could really have sex with somebody who begs me to use his mouth as a toilet, who licks his own sperm and sperm of my lovers? With somebody who I will use instead of a tampon during my period? You really thought I can let somebody like that enter my pussy?“ She asked Peter. He did not know what to say. He thought she loves him just like he loves her, she even said so, but he had to admit her argument is more or less true.\n\n„You can’t, I guess,“ he said sadly. Lucy leaned to him and gave him a kiss: „You see? But I love you the way you are. We still can be happy together, can’t we?“ They were sitting together on the terrace, watching the setting sun. Peter thought about what Lucy told him. She loves him, but she will never allow him to make love to her. She has other men for sex, he is just her toy to humiliate and torture as she pleases. But he began to realize that although he would not admit it even to himself, he thrives on it. He did not want anything else, just to be her slave, toy and property.\n\n„Maybe I would even regret it if you would have sex with me. I like it this way, it arouses me.“ Too late, he became aware that he was thinking aloud. „I am so happy you feel that way, too,“ said Lucy with a genuine smile on her face. Peter realized what he did with that sentence. He did not want to believe that he gave up the possibility of having sex with his loved Lucy, that he basically gave up the possibility of having an orgasm ever again. He feared it, but the feeling of continual arousal and devotion to Lucy was stronger and the possibility of seeing her totally satisfied by having sex with other men was making him happy. In just a few days, Peter turned into an absolutely loyal submissive, slave of his beloved Lucy and a proud cuckold.\n\nLucy had several lovers, but some of them were visiting her more often than others. Lucy and Peter were returning home, Peter was driving and Lucy was on the phone. He recognized that she is arranging an evening sex. As soon as they arrived home and Peter stripped, the bell rang and Lucy send him to answer it. Peter was getting used to it, but still he felt embarrassed by welcoming her lovers naked and with a chastity cage on his cock. Today, one of her more frequent lovers came. All three dined together and downed some drinks. Peter was mostly taking care of everything, but from time to time Lucy played the role of an attentive host, too. As the evening drew on, Lucy and her lover were touching each other more and more intimately, until they decided they will go to the bedroom. Peter was ordered to lay on his matress. „Lay there and don’t disturb us,“ said Lucy.\n\nLucy and her lover were naked before they hit the bed. They began to kiss and caress each other and Peter could see everything from his place. He was always envious of these men, envious that they can take Lucy this way, but he wished Lucy the pleasure that was visible in her expression. And he was happy when he realized her lovers come and go, but he is staying - he belongs to her. He was watching Lucy leaning to her lover’s cock and taking it into her mouth. Secretly he imagined himself in the lover’s place, but his chastity cage spoiled that vision immediately when its immovable trap prevented another erection. He watched Lucy turning to all fours and offering her lover her butt. When he began to fuck her, she was looking straight into Peter’s eyes. They made love for more than an hour, changed positions, Lucy experienced countless orgasms and finally, he spurted into her pussy. For a while, she just laid there, gathering her breath, but then she turned to Peter.\n\n„Come here,“ she said and opened her legs. Peter began to lick her pussy and to clean the dripping sperm. When her crotch was spotless, he returned to his matress. \n\nThis is a sample taken from the ebook Driving Miss Lucy, which you can dowlnload from www.ebooks-bdsm.com.\n\n

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