joosterour eyes meet and we realise that we are looking at each other and we give each other a smile.
I noticed that you have opened your legs slighty revealing your pussy to me more. I am trying to hold back my excitement and trying not get hard.

Suddenly the lights go out in the sauna and we are in complete darkness. After some seconds you can feel a hand slowing moving inside your thigh, very gently and slowly moving up towards yourpussy. one finger moves accross your pussylips, making you very wet. Sooon ther is one, two fingers inside you, teasing your clit, slowly then faster. You feel something close to your mouth and mylips are on your. I am kissing you slowly, softly, my tongue moving inside your mouth. My fingers are deeper inside you moving faster and you spread you legs wider. Now my lips are on your breasts, licking and teasing your hard nipples. my kisses are becoming more urgent, less gentle, gently biting you nipples. I
am kissing down your stomach until my mouth is on your pussy.
You taste so sweet that I can't get enough. I am licking and teasing your clit, my tongue deep inside. suddenyl you realise now that the hand on your breasts are not mine and that we are not alone. you are so excitied that you don't care, you only want my cock inside you now. instead you feel something at your mouth, you kiss thinking you will meet another mouth, but instead you feel a huge hard cock sliding in your mouth. you start sucking it hard, using your tongue and lips licking the strangers balls. I am sliding my cock in your pussy, deep inside,
starting to thrust back and forth, first slowly then faster. I am fucking you hard like an animal and you pussy cannot get enough of my hard cock.
at the same time you mouth is being fucked by the unknown cock, you are sucking hard, loving the feeling on my har fucking , two cocks inside you at once, harder, faster. your clit is swollen and your pussy explodes and i am coming in your cunt and and other cock in your mouth... you are exhausted, truly fucked, your mouth,
face and cunt covered in our spunk. after a few second the light comes back on. you lookaround and realise that we are again alone again. you ask me if i was in your mouth or pussy. I smile, wink, and leave the sauna......