SikovneThe knock at the door signals your arrival

I answer the door to see you wearing what I told you to wear a very short skirt and sheer top with no underwear underneath I know this because I check. I kiss you deeply and welcome you in .the candlelight and soft music set the mood as I pour us both a drink.

We sit on the couch together while drinking my hand on your thigh gently rubbing up and down we kiss again deeply and passionately.

Now the time has at last arrived I stand and offer you my hand I lead you to the bedroom which is lit also by candles with soft music.

I stand behind you and put my hands on your shoulders bend my head and gently bite your earlobes and neck. Slowly I run my hands down the front of your blouse undoing the buttons one by one all the while kissing and biting your neck. I draw your blouse open and run my hands in circles over the soft skin of your belly moving slowly upwards a small moan escapes your lips as my hands brush ever so lightly the underside of your breasts. I gently cup them in my hands and flick my thumbs over your nipples feeling them instantly harden and thicken I squeeze your breasts gently as I breathe in your ear how sexy you are.

I remove your top completely and move in front of you as I kiss you deeply again and rub and squeeze your breasts too.

Tantalizingly I trail my tongue down your neck and down to your nipples and suck one into my mouth the dark chocolate of your nipple contrasts with the lighter tone of your skin I suck hard then soft alternating and then giving little bites all over the soft skin of your breast and rock hard nipples.

I cup your buttocks in my hand and gently squeeze them I pull them apart slightly and you gasp, then I hook my fingers into the waistband of your skirt and slide it down you are now naked before me I step back to take in the sight of your body and smile.

I lay you down on the bed on your stomach and reach for the massage oil, which I have already warmed.

I drizzle the oil over your back and down your legs and over your butt cheeks and lightly start to rub your shoulders and back gently trailing my nails all over so lightly as to almost not be touching you at all you body glistens in the candle light.

I move down to your thighs to begin work on them too working down to your feet then back up again I part your legs slightly and inhale the musky scent of you while I work the insides of your upper thighs until my hand brushes your pussy lips you gasp again and I sense your breathing deepen slightly.

Now I start rubbing the oil into your butt cheeks kneading and caressing them I trail my fingers down the cleft between your cheeks gently spreading them i'm getting very turned on by the way your body is responding to my touch.

I turn you over now and gaze down upon you .Now you are mine!

I spread your legs apart and gently blow air at your already swollen clit moving my face closer and closer until my tongue flicks out and touches your clit you jump.

I take one lip into my mouth and suck it then the other. Now with my thumbs I pull your lips open I can see moisture glistening in your sweet love hole as I start to lick in long slow strokes from your clit right down to your butt hole over and over a gain my face starting to get saturated from the juice you are producing I clamp my mouth over your pussy as I explore with my tongue pushing in as deep as my tongue will go then back to the long slow strokes the length again.

Your clit is now fully engorged and exposed I take it between my lips and gently suck and bite it feeling you jump each time. I hear you starting to moan constantly and start to go to work in earnest I lick from your clit down to your open hole where I insert my tongue then back up over and over with my tongue flat against your wet flesh faster and faster I lick I slide a finger into you as well seeking your special spot while I lick at great speed I can feel you are getting very close and pick up my pace even more my face is saturated but I know the best is yet to come .

I cup your butt in one hand and squeeze and push it up while pushing on your stomach with my other hand licking all the time finally I sense it is going to happen and suck hard on your clit you erupt spraying all over my face I drink as much as I can you are in exstacy for ages saturating my face slowly you subside until you are calm again I move up and kiss you passionately again you lick your juices off my face as I caress you.
push your legs up against your chest as I enter you in one thrust right to the base of my cock I feel my head hit your cervix and start to thrust long slow strokes sliding in and out the full length I have never been so hard and thick I am totally turned on like never before. I feel you cum yet again as I pound in and out of you.

Now its time to get serious so I position you on your hands and knees and enter from behind I feel your hand cup my balls and your nails digging into them I pinch your nipples then slide my hand to your clit and start to pump hard and fast I am not going to last much longer I feel my balls start to tighten up your nails feel amazing on them I feel your pussy contracting again squeezing my cock milking it I am moaning constantly now as I approach my own climax I am a blur thrusting in and out.

With a final grunt I start to cum your hands squeezing my balls as you also start to cum again I pump my hot seed into you as your pussy milks me for all I have oh god this is what life is all about.

Finally we collapse my cock still inside you I cuddle you to me and kiss your hair skin and neck knowing that we will do this again soon……..