Need a Surrogate Arrangement..

4.7.2021 22:00 Archor69

Hi, hope everyone is getting along well with the scourge.. Today I thought I should try this platform for a matter of pretty plea.. My wife and I cant be able to procreate a baby, since she is past her getting pregnant years and we would love to have a baby one way or another.. My wife is Czech, 50yrs and am of African descent currently living in Czech, aged 36yrs.. We will be going into our 4th year as a couple in the coming weeks, and known each other for 7yrs.. We love each other and we talked about the possibilities of us having a child in our lives, and decided to give this one a try.. We are at the moment, stuck in the desire of having a baby between us, especially since am still able to procreate, so we thought we could try and find a lady, who would be able to get pregnant with my sperms and give birth to a baby for us.. Its a wish that we would be happy to be helped to get through to.. We would love to meet a very healthy girl that would love to grant us this wish.. If anyone is inspired and feels they could be the angel, please dont hesitate and write to me.. I hope and pray you all stay safe and in good spirits now and henceforth.. Thank you and Bless you all..

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Thank you, I just did that as well now.. *18**24*
You should try dating section of this website. Good luck!