The Modern White Boys Agenda

6.7.2021 06:13 biwhitecuckold

Many modern white boys are pursuing an agenda that benefits black men and white women. This is a personal choice and does not include every person, but many are included. These white males have a somewhat feeling of guilt that coincides with a sexual desire to get their prettiest white women blacked. This most certainly gives the black guys an advantage for getting white pussy from the finest white girls, plus it helps these women receive the best sex they ever had. Sure it keeps the white boys from getting the pussy but that is not a problem for them because they get turned down for sex a lot anyway.

Then you have those white husbands that want a black man to fuck their white wives for them. For some of those hubby's, they even wear a chastity device themselves as the ultimate thrill. Can you imagine doing clean up duty while wearing a chastity device? Their little white dicks don't get the pussy but their tongues do get to taste it after a black man has had some of it. And some are even told to lick the white pussy juice off the black mans dick after he fucks the white girl. Many of the black guys just let them do it and treat it as a power statement. What's better than taking a white guys woman, fucking her however he wants, whenever he wants, don't let the white boy fuck her at all but makes him lick her pussy instead and then has him lick her pussy juice off the black dick that just fucked her.
Well all that is nothing for these white boys, they love it.

These modern white boys get off on getting denied. They want to be turned down for sex so they can masturbate while thinking about it. Thinking about how long it has been since they had any pussy and then thinking about how easy it is for the black guys to get all this creamy and wet white pussy from all these cute white girls. Thinking about how the black guys can fuck these same pretty white girls that won't give them any pussy. They masturbate while wondering how good that pussy is because they have never fucked them. They would have to ask the black guys how good it is. While thinking about all the sexual experience these white females are gaining all while the little white dicks are getting denied. It is all happening no matter how much people say it is just fantasy.

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Loads of bollocks, isn't it?

Who ever saw black guys in a real life knows that they are nothing but a bunch of losers on the bottom of the social ladder.

No physique... either too thin or too fat or too short. Small penises too (check the stats from Tanzania, Congo and Nigeria).
Lack of IQ..... Lack of success.

White women want someone strong and confident and not some weak black jobless loser with a chip on his shoulder, constantly whining about "history".

This is also confirmed by the stats.

Companies which own apps like Tinder released their stats about which racial group is the most preferred and not preferred when swiping right or left.

It's the whites who are the most wanted and it's the blacks who are the least wanted.

Yes, some fat and ugly white women do tend to date black guys.... because nobody else wants them.

And those black guys are happy to date fat and ugly white women because that's the only way for them to feel better about themselves.

It gives them a feeling of stepping up on the social ladder a little bit because they cannot do it any other way, for example by being successful in work or starting their own business.

Just saying...
My theory is that a lot of these practices wouldn't be pursued if people were in better physical condition. To me nothing is a bigger turn-on than a well-built, athletic physique. That's why Spartan women were considered the most beautiful in ancient Greece; they were the only women to train and given individual freedoms.