Man seeking woman

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Man seeking woman: Large Bull 4 Breeding Female
27.3.2020 06:34

Are you wanting to be impregnated? There are a million reasons why a woman today would need a helping hand in becoming pregnant. And aftificial inseminations are WAY too pricey! 😣 I am offering my strong Norse Viking seed to women who are in a position of wanting to become a mother. And simply can't afford the pricey alternative. Or don't feel right having a "test tube" baby. Who believes it should just be more personal than that. I'm very large in stature. I am 6'6" tall. Broad shoulders, narrow in the hips. Light blue eyes, 309lbs. Classic Viking characteristics.
If you want to see your wife, girlfriend bred, I'm here to accomplish that. Even if it's just for"fantasy" .
I have a very high sperm count. Super potent and fertile. Guaranteed pregnancy. I'm willing to meet your every need/desire. Send me a message. And we'll go from there 🌹😉