Terms of Use

We are happy about everyone who comes to visit. Share photos and videos, engage in discussion, or meet somebody new. By entering the website Amateri.com, you express your consent to these contractual terms and conditions.

Who can join Amateri.com?

You are an adult, competent, registered user. You shall obey the laws of the country, and you shall behave respectfully towards other visitors.

User’s Account

A User’s Account (hereinafter an “Account”) is created by successfully registering on the Amateri.com server. To register, a user must enter all required data (name or nickname, password, e-mail, gender, country, region) and affirm his/her consent to these contractual terms and conditions.

Each user may have only one registered Account.

A basic Account is free of charge.

Each such basic Account may, upon the payment of the activation fee by the user, become designated as a VIP Account, enabling the user to take advantage of additional bonus functions in the Amateri.com environment.

You can cancel your Amateri.com User’s Account at any time by your own choice without any stated reason. Likewise, the operator can also cancel your User’s Account, e.g. on the grounds of breach of these terms and conditions or without any stated reason. The cancellation of an Account does not constitute protection from the legal consequences of actions undertaken while using the Account.


You do not provide access to your Account to unauthorized persons.


You are responsible for ensuring that your content does not infringe on the rights of any other party. We are looking forward to your photographs, videos, texts, and other content, but the right of publication is not automatic.

When publishing content, you provide us with an exclusive license for an unlimited time period for its publication. This license is free of charge and is geographically unlimited.

You shall use the contents of the website solely for personal purposes. Copying and other dissemination of the content is forbidden. The website may be used for gainful activity only with the permission of the administrator. In case of any breach of this provision, compensation for damages shall be sought in a court of law.


You have been informed that fees may be charged for the following services on the website Amateri.com:

  • VIP membership
  • Highlighting of dating ads
  • Watching videos

Paid services are always identified as such and are presented with a current price list. The price lists for paid services always inform the user in advance about the cost connected with the service and the method of calculation.

Payment for paid services can be made through credits purchased according to the valid price list. Purchased credits are valid for 24 months, after which they expire.

If a service for which a user has paid is unavailable for a period in excess of 24 hours, the user shall be paid financial compensation with a value of 100% of the amount paid in the form of a voucher for use of the services of the server Amateri.com.

If a user is dissatisfied with the use of a paid service, he/she may demand a refund of the fee and the operator hereby guarantees it will handle each refund request on a case by case basis, and return the fee in all eligible cases. In such cases, the operator will do its best to return the fee to the user as soon as possible. A paid service ceases to be available to the user at the moment a claim for a refund of the fee is approved by the operator.

Communication with the end user of the server, billing, and invoice services are handled by the company Scrumworks s.r.o.. Contact information is provided below.

What is most important

We respect the laws of the country and all of our users. We behave in a manner that is within the bounds of the contractual terms and conditions and the norms of human decency.

Applicable law

Agreements, contracts, registration of users, and other legal relations arising between the end user and the operator on the basis of the user entering the website Amateri.com are governed by the valid laws of the Czech Republic at the time of the origination of this agreement or other legal relations.

Rights and duties of the operator

The contractual terms and conditions may be changed at any time, and changes are valid from the moment that they are published.

In the interest of greater security, we are entitled to monitor Accounts, the behavior of visitors, and content. If we determine that rules have been broken, we may cancel an Account without a stated reason. We alone make decisions about the contents of the website and the publication or non-publication of content.

This server is a source of entertainment and not a data storage site. You should therefore backup your data by some other means, we are not liable for any loss of or damage to data.

We may use your e-mail address for commercial purposes or for sending information. If an invalid e-mail address is entered, we may cancel an Account entirely.

The services we provide include the personalization of the content and advertisements on the basis of your user behaviour at the Amateri.com website and sending of notices and information about our services.

By approving these terms of use you acknowledge the manner of processing and protection of your personal data which is described in the Privacy Policy page.

Operation of the Amateri.com server

These contractual terms and rules govern the contractual relationship between the end user of the Amateri.com server (an individual or corporate entity) and the company ScrumWorks s.r.o., the owner and principal operator of the Amateri.com server. The technical security of the server, its operation as well as the communication with the end users of the server, the processing of the personal data or other information provided by users and the billing and invoicing services are procured by ScrumWorks s.r.o..

Web operations are secured by: ScrumWorks s.r.o., Těšínská 9, Hrdějovice. Company ID: 26111161.

Email: info@amateri.com
Telephone: +420 776 003 691