Sub in straps

2.9.2023 Adfourventure

She couldn’t resist the temptation to dress up for him tonight. She loved welcoming him home after he came back from his work trip. She made his favourite dinner that smelled like home for both of them, with deep baked Lasagne and rich red wine to accompany it.

She cooked the meal in her underwear, this whole time trying to get into the role of being full body devoted to him for the time he comes.

When the dinner was pre-made for the final step of baking, she took a long bath, letting her sex fantasies run wild, her libido building up already.

She loved the ritual of getting ready for him. And for tonight she chose the new system of delicate straps around her body. Straps that gently encircled her already aroused breast with a diamond shape, crossed at the back and the front just around her belly button and continued towards her thighs as an indication of sexy suspenders.

Naked, yet not naked, her body enwrapped in the exact energy she wanted him to project onto her. Above this, she threw a loose silky black Kimono, that covered all, yet provided a hint that there is nakedness below the soft material. The skirt of the Kimono was just the perfect length to cover the suspender straps, but still short enough to make him want her at the first sight.

She heard the keys in the door and he entered in silence. He told her in advance that he has a surprise for her and asked to be ready to play when he reaches home. That always meant that he’s come up with a fantasy and wants to play it out with her. And that thought alone would make her excited for hours on end.

She waited on in their living room without saying a word. If he has a fantasy he wants to play out, she will let him take the lead on the mood. They looked at each other in silence as he appeared around the corner. It was obvious they were both dying for each other already.

“Hey honey. You look amazing. And I have a surprise for you”, he finally said, while reaching into his jacket pockets.

“Hi my love…” she wanted to continue in the same tone of voice, asking him how his journey was but by that time he reached her, he signalled to her lips that she should remain quiet.

And continued in the sweetest voice: “Hi my love.” And he kissed her so gently, caressing her hair she could melt in his arms as a piece of ice that just came out on a hot tropical air, melting into the ground at a split of a second. He could feel her melting away and held onto her more firmly as he continued kissing her. It was a pure joy to have this effect on her.

He kissed her neck, his kisses slowly moving onto her shoulder, as his hand slipped her kimono first of one shoulder, then the other and then letting it fall onto the ground completely.

She stood there only in her straps in front of him. He took a step back to observe her beautiful body and the creation. He asked her to be ready to play when he came home and this was a clear signal she definitely was. She was still a bit shy, but his hungry sexy look at her made her feel more confident and she took a deep breath, trying to let go of all nervousness while breathing out.

He loved having this effect on her, still. He reached into his jean pockets, first taking out a short but relatively wide dildo. He grabbed one of her hands, placed the dildo in the palm of her hand and turned it on with a remote control. She felt the different intensities and programmes this magic toy displayed off. She bit her lip to avoid showing too much excitement. And he went on to place the dildo on the coffee table.

Then he took out a silky strap from his second pocket and gently ordered her to “turn around”. Shivers went down her spine as she did, he kissed her shoulders and brought both of her hands behind her back, binding them tightly together.

After that he made her kneel and softly placed her upper body on the coffee table, holding her hands by the silky strap, and this time firmly pressing her flat out on the table. She felt his crotch pressed against her bum, but seconds later, she felt him pull away into distance. Suddenly she realised he’s looking at her butt naked from behind and her cheeks filled up with embarrassment. She was never comfortable with this position, feeling totally exposed. But he always made sure she loved it.

Her ass still up in the air, he kneeled behind her, one hand firmly holding her down against the table so she cannot move. He touched her pussy, gently squeezing her lips and then feeling her clit, pressing against it. His thump would explore her bum softly and as she was gaining excitement, he entered her pussy with two fingers, pressing with a fast slight moving motion onto her G spot, making her come straight away.

Then he grabbed her ass by both of his hands and started licking her profusely. He would lick her clit, taste her vagina and kiss her ass, before moving onto her clit and giving her another orgasm. And as she did, he took his penis out and entered her vagina from behind.

It felt good to have her like this, taking her by hands to secure she remains close to him, pressing her head down onto the table. He would watch her come again.. and again. He felt he was far deep inside her and her orgasms were becoming more overwhelming, as her body started shaking all over, her legs becoming weak to even kneel and her liquid wetting her thighs as he decided to take his dick out. He didn’t want to come this way, and wanted to postpone the pleasure for himself.

Then he took the small remote control vibrator he got ready. First he inserted it inside her open mouth that was still in agony from all orgasms and then he slipped it into her vagina and turned it on. As he did, he licked her again, making her come with another shaking orgasm. Her eyes started to roll over.

And as she shook, he made her get up, walked her supported to the nearest wall, had her kneel, spread her knees far apart with both of his feet, so that her whole back with the tied hands were pressing against the wall, leaving room for her head to be tilted back slightly. Her whole body pressed into the wall and her knees spread far apart, she couldn’t move a notch.

He took her by her hair with one hand and opened her mouth with the other, inserting his big wet cock into her mouth. At first he gently played around, taking his penis in and out, moving around her lips and cheeks. “Look at me”, he would say, hoping she would still be able to come out of her delirium state. He slapped her face gently with his penis and made her feel him with her tongue. But it was becoming clear that she entered a long lasting delirium stage of orgasmic high. He waited for her to be reaching another orgasm, while the vibrator was still on. And as she was reaching it, he inserted his big cock straight into her mouth again, to make her stop screaming. He waited patiently inside her mouth until her last orgasm faded somewhat, although it was becoming difficult to tell.

“Are you ready for me to come inside you?” he asked politely but expected no answer. There was the notion of the slightest nod, but he wasn’t sure whether she really heard him.

He could no longer hold onto his excitement. He remained inside her but this time he continued pounding her into her mouth. Holding her head firmly with both hands, slightly tilted back, he would do as he pleased, coming in and out at the speed that suited him and he no longer was aware about what was happening to her.

After short while he would reach an explosive orgasm, inserting his penis deep into her throat for some time in between her wild breaths. When he regained consciousness, he took his penis out for long enough for him to hear her plead in between deep breaths: “Can you please turn the vibrator off?”

He reached just behind him for the remote, turned it off, came back closer to her, just in time to catch her falling into his arms and they both crashed together onto the floor, riding the high orgasmic waves of pleasure.

And just before she fell into the abyss of a deep and satisfying sleep, he held onto her tightly, whispering to her ear again: “Hi my love, it’s good to be back home.”

It’s a good thing the oven wasn’t on and the lasagne will be good to be baked the next day, as no one can feel their hunger at this point.