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😉 grinded under the wheels of the car as it rolled into the dacha driveway.
"Finally," I said with relief switching off the engine.
After a few hours of driving we arrived at the place. Despite the tips we received from Monika and Grzegorz, finding the right path came to us with great difficulty. The dacha was located in a secluded area. There was a second car in the driveway. Apparently the hosts came here before us.
Agata got out of the car, letting warm air in the air-conditioned interior. It was early evening, the sun was setting toward the west, but its rays were still warm. There was silence all around, disturbed only by the insane play of crickets.
Cottage - a wooden, one-story building hidden in a feral garden, from the outside it looked like a much more spacious building than a regular summer house.
- Hey, hello - someone appeared on the porch of the house, waving a friendly hand to us. Wojtek.
Wojtek and Magda, our online relationship. Of course, we knew what they looked like, but the pictures only show the selected human face. Now we were to know them much better.
"This is crazy," Agata muttered, taking my hand. She had a cold hand - she was nervous.
- Hey, hey - I shouted back to Wojtek. "We can still withdraw," I said in an undertone to Agata.
Instead of answering, she pulled me along towards the dacha.
Monika joined Grzegorz, they stood hugging each other on the porch of the house. They were a little different than in the pictures. Wojtek seems shorter, he was probably my height. The shirt on his shoulders showed muscular shoulders. On the sunburnt face, the same familiar from photos, a wide smile. He hid his gray-haired short hair under a straw hat, giving himself a slightly mocking look. His wife, with the wonderful face of an innocent creature, gathered her black hair into a ponytail. She was dressed in a loose T-shirt and shorts, masking her feminine attributes.We greeted warmly, a little too loudly laughing masking nervousness. Monika took Beata to visit the house, while Wojtek offered his help in carrying luggage.
"Thanks for inviting us," I said on my way out of the car. - This place looks like a piece of paradise on earth.
"Which we gladly share," Gregory replied. "We're very good at sharing," he added with a laugh, blinking.
The interior of the dacha was not disappointing. Downstairs, a huge living room with a fireplace and a glass wall with a view of the lake. A few cozy rooms upstairs.
- Beer, drink? - suggested Grzegorz.
- I'd like to get in the shower first
- Sure, the bathroom is right next to your room upstairs.
The water pleasantly cooled the body and gave a feeling of relaxation. Somewhere inside I was very tense, the subconscious rebelled against the decision we made some time ago. The tension slowly subsided. The area itself had a beneficial effect on all anxieties. The hosts also made a great first impression on me. Especially beautiful Monika, taciturn but radiantly smiling ...
I turned off the water and got out of the shower, looking for a towel.
- Monika asks you to bring her a shirt - with these words Monika burst into the bathroom. She stood in the doorway and looked me over from head to foot without embarrassment. - Are you looking for a towel? She asked with a smile, still not moving. I stood before her, naked and wet, embarrassed, but ... excited.
Monika came to me without a word.
"I'm sorry," she said, pointing to the cabinet behind me. I moved away, touching the buttocks of the sink, but there wasn't much space in the tiny bathroom. Monika, in order to walk past me, had to stick to me with her whole body.
"Please," she said, handing me a towel. "We're waiting downstairs," she said as she left. She glanced at my hips and, obviously amused, giggled.
I looked in the mirror, where my confused gaze greeted me. I was red like a beetroot.
After a long moment, which took me to calm down a stubborn erection, I went downstairs. Monika was sitting at the table, and Grzegorz finished telling some complicated anecdote. I didn't hear the punch line, but judging by the explosion of joy, Beata liked it.
- Oh, you're finally here! She called to me. - Where's my shirt? I was going to take a shower anyway! She called and ran towards the stairs. Along the way, she brushed my lips against my cheek and whispered in my ear - It's cute
She didn't have to say it. I saw blushes on her cheeks and glistening eyes. Yes, Grzegorz obviously liked her.
I took a cold beer suggested by Grzegorz and sat down next to him on the terrace. The panorama of the lake seemed to be a painted picture. Where to look for anything showed no signs of people. No buildings, no roads, not even a boat on the deep-water lake. In windless weather, as if time stood still. Only the constant buzz of crickets reminded us of reality.
- Agata is a fantastic woman - said Grzegorz, meddling in crickets calling. - I love my wife more than life, but I always find satisfaction in talking with other beautiful and intelligent women.
I laughed.
- Not just in conversation, I think
He croaked but did not comment.
- Is this not the first time for you? I asked. He shook his head.
- No. And that's why I wanted to warn you, 'he said seriously. - If you're only looking for a change, if your woman got bored, don't start. That would be the end of your love. If this is the case ... let's have dinner and drink beer and we will part tomorrow.
I was silent a moment before I answered.
- I care about her. I would like her to be good, I would like her to scream with pleasure, not only with me. I do it because I love her, not because something is missing in our relationship.
Wojtek tapped his beer on my bottle.
- That's what it's all about. I think we're broadcasting on the same waves.
- What are you so serious about, gentlemen?
Magda changed into a light dress that gently embraced her considerable breasts, emphasized the narrow waist and wide hips. She looked insanely feminine in her.
"We exchanged comments about how beautiful and charming wives we got, darling," Grzegorz said, got up and turned Magda with a dancing step until the dress fluttered in the air. - Isn't she beautiful, say it yourself!
"It's beautiful," I said honestly. Monika accepted this compliment with a smile.
Soon Beata joined us. She dressed in a tight blouse with straps and equally tight white pants. I was surprised to see that she didn't wear a bra under her blouse. After so many years of marriage, I knew it wasn't her style. She wasn't herself at dinner. She giggled like a teenager from Wojtek's jokes. At every opportunity, she showed me tenderness, which she was not used to.
The hosts strictly forbade us to help ourselves in cleaning the dishes.
- What do you think about them? - I asked when we were alone for a moment.
- Monika is secretive, but very nice. Wojtek is very funny ... of course not like you, but ...
"You don't have to pretend," I interrupted her mid-sentence. - You like it, right?
- And you may not like Monika? - she asked mischievously, but without a trace of malice - I can see how you follow her eye.
"Behind your breasts too," I replied with a smile. - I haven't seen you so publicly in the eyes with your nipples.
She was silent for a moment😘


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nice start, but you seem to have chaos in the names.
I guess the Gregory/Grzegorz and Wojtek are the same person, that Magda is Monika and Beata is Agata.