Start of our story

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Story begins few days before we meet. We had a skype-session between us. You did what i wanted you to do and then you wanted me to be your slave and I did what you wanted me to do. We were wearing clothing that made us both so very horny and we masturbated first very slowly and we told some very naughty things to each other. Making us even more horny. Then we shared very naughty thoughts and you were sitting over a chair with dildo attached to the chair. Riding me so wildly. And i had my fake pussy which jumped up and down with that same rhythm as your body was moving under that dildo. Oh how nice that felt and we came so very loudly. You were almost screaming and i enjoyed that so very much and it made me feel my penis so very hard with blood vanes fat under my penis. You said that you wanna see my penis in real life and I did not catch the idea first. I was getting a huge orgasm with all my sperm coming over a masturbator. Making it really feel like you would be slowly riding me after your own loud orgasm. We were so extremely satisfied and you said to me again something that made me get my penis back up again. “I need to see you in real life. Come to meet me as soon as you can.”

I thought first that you are not serious. You had been so very careful with me and not giving me too much hope to see you. When we were connected, you hesitated a bit and you were only curious about me. But now the sound of your voice was so very different. You begged me to come. You had a free week starting next Monday, which was you two days from now. You were going to Praque to a seminar with your friends. And you wanted to see me so badly, but not just thinking about having sex with me. You wanted to meet me to see how i look in real life and would I be ok for something very exiting. I was not doing anything particular. My summer vacation would start from that same time and i was eager to see you and maybe go to some river to flyfish. I thought that I needed to have a plan B for my trip if you would not show up to our first meeting. I wasn’t sure about you arriving to some nice terass to have drinks with me. But what i did after that skypesession between us. I went to trivago and arranged an apartment for my visit in Praque. And a VIP-class flight to make the travelling nice. I needed a classy place with a large main bedroom and a boiling tub for us to enjoy if you would be ready to play with me. And that bed needed to be big and soft. But some arrangements needed to be done to the room for our fun. There needed to be a hook on the ceiling of the bedroom for a certain purpose. I did that booking and then I made a phone call to you.

I called to you and I was a bit scared that you would be cancelling our meeting. I have had experience of that in my life with same kind of arrangement. But when you answered to my call, you were so extremely eager to hear about my arrangements. You even wanted to meet me straight at my apartment for us to get in to business as fast as possible. I was stunned by that, but we shared some naughty thoughts before you said that you would be coming to get me from the airport. To make my trip to start easily. And I wanted us to go to some very nice place to have few drinks after I would get in to my apartment. And if something would be happening when we take my luggage to there it would be so. After our call i really thought to get some presents for you. Some nice shiny sexclothes of latex and a nurse outfit of pvc. I did not want to buy too many, because i wanted us to go shopping to some well equipped sexshop. And shopping some other clothes too that you like and I would find very sexy. After few days that day came, when i travelled to see you. I was so exited of us seeing each other. And maybe having sex of my life and you and I going around Praque to see some fine tourist attractions. And maybe having some public sex experiences during our walks around the city. All was open to us and now it was time make dreams and fantazies come true.


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