Driving Mistress Lucy

In the next part of successful story Driving Miss Lucy the relationship of Lucy and Peter moves further and deeper into BDSM lifestyle. You will find, how the real D/s stag day, wedding and honeymoon looks like and you will share many other kinky moments of their satisfied life together with them.\n\nWritten by: Paul Ferrero TicssonCount of words: 13000Formats: PDF, ePub, mobi

Lucy did not unlock the chastity belt yet, but she retrieved a wooden paddle from the wall:\n\n„I promised you a spanking yesterday, for letting me wait for a piss,“ and she followed immediately with a first strike. The big, heavy wooden paddle stung painfully and left wide red stripes on his butt. Blows were landing on welts from yesterday’s spanking and each stroke hurt a lot more than usual. Peter thanked her after every stroke and did not forget to count. After twenty blows the spanking stopped, but not for long. \n\n
„Anybody else wants to remind him of something?“ she asked girls. Both wanted to, and each gave him twenty more strokes, although they did not say why. They left him there for maybe an hour to catch his breath, while they sat on the terrace. When they returned, Lucy removed his chastity belt. She caressed his cock and balls for a while, but suddenly she pulled on his scrotum so his balls showed clearly through the skin and then she slapped them hard. Peter screamed and his knees buckled.\n\n
„This won’t work,“ said one girl almost compassionately. „He screams so loudly, it probably hurts a lot. We have to gag him, I don’t want to listen to it.“ Peter realized the compassion was not meant for him, but for their ears. They gagged him and Lucy continued to torture his (now her) balls. She pulled on them, twisted them, squeezed them in her hands that were so gentle otherwise. She even spanked them with leather and wooden paddles. When she had enough and she was tired, she made place for her friends, which continued to spank and torture him just as hard and inventively as she did. Lucy walked around the stocks to Peter’s head, kissed him on the cheek and wiped away his tears. She watched the painful expression on his face and whispered to him:\n\n
„Have no fear, love, we are just playing. We won’t kick you in them. That would hurt a lot, and kicking doesn’t look like fun to me.“ Peter could not understand her. She was so nice to him, so kind and gentle, but she was causing him so much pain. On the other hand, he was glad she is paying attention to him and that she plays with him. His thoughts were interrupted by another hit with a wooden paddle. He almost fainted and he pissed himself with pain. Lucy was still standing next to him and she told him almost lovingly:\n\n
„That is OK, love, no problem. You pissed himself. You will just get another spanking.“ He heard girls giggling maliciously behind him. After two or three hours of unbelievable agony, Peter was saved by the fact that all girls were tired of torturing him. The pain in his balls was unimaginable. They helped him stand, but he could not close his legs. They led him to the cross and bound him to it.\n\n
„How you’re doing, love?“ Asked Lucy. But Peter was gagged and could not answer her. „These balls are mine, you will not need them anymore and I like to play with them. I like the way your body squirms and trembles.“ Despite the torturous pain, Peter was oddly glad that Lucy is happy. „But I am sorry it hurts so much,“ continued Lucy. „You know what? I have a balm that will surely help you.“ Her kind, compassionate expression was hiding another evil idea. She showed him a jar of tiger balm, leaned to his balls, put on a pair of latex gloves and began to rub the balm into his sore, swollen balls. He felt every touch like an another stroke, but these feelings were soon replaced by infernal burning pain when the balm started to work. Lucy also coated his entire cock with the balm and then locked the chastity belt back on. The combination of pressure from the belt’s ring and burning from the balm was driving him mad and he pissed himself for the second time. Lucy let out a sigh: „Well, that will be another spanking.“\n\n
Then they walked out of the room and he was left alone till evening. He had enough time to rest a bit and the pain diminished, at least a little. The tiger balm stopped burning eventually and Peter began to feel a little better after these long hours of torture. When Lucy and her friends appeared, they immediately freed him from the cross and dragged him to the spanking bench. They bend him over it and tied his hands down.\n\n
Lucy grabbed a wooden paddle and caressed his face gently:\n\n„You will get the spanking for pissing yourself and then we will go to bed,“ she said. Peter tried to say something and he shook his head, but the gag turned all words into unintelligible mumbling. Lucy stood behind him and began to spank him, while Peter squirmed more with each blow and screamed into the gag. After the fifth hit, he stopped, hung his head and pissed himself again. The entire time, he was trying to say that he has to relieve himself, because he was bound to the cross for the whole afternoon and he can not wait anymore.\n\n
„I can see you want to get another spanking!“ Said Lucy angrily and continued with beating. After twenty strokes, she handed the paddle to girls and each of them gave Peter twenty more. His butt was bruised, red, blue and black. He never experienced anything like this in his life.\n\n
When the spanking ended, Lucy removed his gag and Peter thanked her humbly. They led him to the bedroom, locked him in his cage and before they went to bed, each girl sat on his cage and let him drink. Peter drank gratefully, because he was very thirsty and because it felt right - after all, he was a slave. He remembered to thank every one humbly. All three girls went to bed and spent the evening engaging in passionate lesbian sex. Peter was tired, but he could not sleep and he watched everything that happened on the bed, horny and unsatisfied. He fell asleep only after girls themselves got tired and slept.

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