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Man seeking woman | Pravidelne schuzky

Ahoj,41 lety,192/90, hledá kamarádku a milenku v jedné osobě na pravidelné schůzky. Napíšeš? Show details

Woman offering services | Pouze volej nebo sms!

nes a zitra 💋Bojis se zklamani? Se mnou nemusis! Mam jen pozitivni recenze! Pozor! Na zpravy tady nereaguji, neprihlasuji se pravidelne, proto POUZE VOLEJ 606 959 276… Show details


First time in a Swinger's club

We went to the Paradiso club on 12.01.2019, it was the first time for us in this club and the first time for us in any swinger party ever. The reason why we decided for…