Dream job at Amateri.com

Where else can you watch porn during working hours?

A group of enthusiasts who love erotica in its many forms created a unique environment in which people can share this passion with one another. A discrete place where people communicate with others, get to know each other, and discuss topics related to sex and erotica.


Conditions and contract type to be negotiated. Flexibility regarding working hours and workplace.

Work environment

A group of regular people with extraordinary skills who form an environment where you can openly discuss anything.

Visible results

Every team member can suggest changes and implement them later, making it immediately apparent whether or not the modification worked.


Our platform has been operational for 19 years. We keep growing because porn will be in demand regardless of any crisis, COVID or famine.

Job vacancies

Tech lead

PHP, Nette, JavaScript, Docker
Start of job: ASAP
90 000 - 130 000 Kč

Senior PHP developer

PHP, Nette, JavaScript, Docker
Start of job: ASAP
70 000 - 120 000 Kč

Developer ClojureScript

ClojureScript, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Start of job: ASAP
60 000 - 90 000 Kč

Even if you didn’t find a position you like, give us a call and we will figure something out.

19 years
of a functioning and growing company
1 139 497+
active users
satisfied colleagues
language versions

Our offices

We are headquartered at Anděl in Prague.

Our team




“I don’t like to stand in one place. I am the captain of Amateri.com and I always go straight to the point. Why? I always encourage freedom, good ideas and things with a purpose.”




“I am part of user support. I communicate with users every day and resolve their requests. That is the only way we can get direct feedback. It is one of the keys to success.”




“Thanks to the home office, I can adjust my work environment according to my needs. I can dedicate the time I would spend commuting and devote it to my family and hobbies.”




“Amateri are like my second family. From the first code I wrote, we’ve been growing together, learning from each other and gradually expanding. Every corner of our platform is important to me, every user, and every employee.”



Back-end guy

“My autistic self enjoys being able to work from the comfort of my home surrounded by PHP, SQL, Docker and Git. But we’re also adding new faces, such as DynamoDB, Amazon EventBridge and others, to the family.”



Product Manager

“I’ve been on maternity, so I’m happy for any job where I can use my skills and work for only as many hours as my daughter allows.”

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