General Terms and Conditions

I. Basic Provisions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions (“the GTC”) provide for rights and obligations of the operator (“Operator” or “Provider”) of the website and other related services (“”) and its users (“User”). A User is a person that views, comments, or otherwise consumes the content of (“the Content”).
  2. specializes in mediating and providing Content with erotic themes designated for adults.
  3. By using, the User agrees with the GTC as amended, and the User also confirms being adult and legally competent. In case the User does not agree with these GTC or does not fulfil them, they cannot keep visiting

II. Content and its Use

  1. The Content is any textual, audiovisual, graphical, photographic, or other similar content which might be downloaded, transmitted, forwarded, or modified in a perceptible way.
  2. The User is aware that using some of the services at might be charged.
  3. It is explicitly forbidden to record or refer to Content that depicts or instigates the following activities: animal sex, incest, child pornography, adult babies (pretending to be a child in any form), rape/sexual intercourse without the consent of the participants, extreme violence, mutilating, cutting the body into pieces, coprophilia (satisfaction from excrements), menstruation, defecation or vomiting.
  4. The responsibility for the unobjectionability of the published Content goes to its author.
  5. By publishing the Content, the author provides the Provider with a geographically and time-unlimited, cost-free license for the use of the Content. Using and its Content for gainful activities is only allowed based on the consent of the Provider or an authorized person.
  6. In case of breach of the provisions regarding the Content, the respective rights shall be prosecuted.
  7. In no case does the provider guarantee the functionality of all elements from the website at the mobile application; malfunction of the mobile application is not a reason for a complaint.

III. Registration at

  1. A registration at might be performed
    1. by entering a combination of your own valid e-mail address and a password of your choice, or
    2. via your account at selected social sites.
  2. Registration is reserved for a User that
    1. is an adult (of age 18 or 21, according to law of a given country),
    2. is legally competent,
    3. respects other Users and
    4. respects the law of the country where is being operated.
  3. By registering, the User is granted a registered user status (“the Registered User”), and access to their user account (the “Registered Account” or the “Account”).

IV. Registered Account

  1. The Registered Account is free of charge.
  2. There is no legal claim to being granted a Registered Account.
  3. Each User might only have one Registered Account.
  4. Repeated account registration for the purpose of circumventing the rules, provoking conflicts, revenge or solving a previous situation that was not resolved in favour of the user is considered a serious violation of the rules leading to the block of the user's registration data.
  5. Data is entered into the Registered Account by the Registered User based on their own discretion, and the entered data is also deleted solely by the user; by registering on, the user acknowledges that for security and legal reasons, the provider fundamentally does not interfere with the entered data or delete it, even on the basis of a request from the user to the operator of
  6. Changing data on the Registered User's gender is a special type of information that may require additional user verification; the provider will request verification from the user in particular if such a change raises doubts about the user's identity and associated security risks due to the circumstances.
  7. The Registered User might cancel their account anytime, and thus even without giving a reason.
  8. An account can only be canceled through the user account, and a valid username and password combination must be entered to cancel the account; the user subsequently confirms the cancellation via a link sent to the registration email linked to the given user account.
  9. If the user does not have an active and functional email address, the user account cannot be canceled for security reasons, not even by calling the provider of
  10. Forgotten or otherwise lost account access data can be restored for security reasons only by entering a valid email linked to the given user account.
  11. The Provider might delete the Registered User’s account anytime, and thus even without giving a reason.
  12. Even after the cancellation of the account, the Registered User shall remain fully legally responsible for their acts at the time of using the account.
  13. The Registered User is obliged not to provide unauthorized persons with credentials to their account.
  14. Each Registered User might, once the conditions are met, upgrade their Registered Account to a verified account (“the Verified Account”).
  15. In the event that the Registered User exercises their right to delete their e-mail address at in accordance with Art VI of the Privacy Policy, the entire account will be irreversibly deleted, as the e-mail address is necessary for the user’s registration at
  16. In the event that the User does not log into their account for a period of 6 months, the account will be automatically deleted without the possibility of its renewal.
  17. In the event that the User cancels their account or gives an order to delete it from database, the account will exist in a deactivated form for a period of 6 months from the deletion, in the event that the User withdraws from their intention during this period.
  18. By registering at, the User acknowledges that the account cannot be irrevocably deleted immediately after the User has placed the order, and thus for technical and legal reasons.
  19. Deleting an account has no legal consequences on the license to the Content provided by the User and the uploaded Content.

V. Verified Account

  1. The Verified Account is such a Registered Account that has been verified
    1. by verification of the Registered User using a photography, and/or
    2. by verification of the Registered User using a phone number, and/or
    3. by verification of the Registered User using bank identity and/or
    4. by verification of the Registered User using a personal document.
  2. A verification using a photography requires that the Registered User
    1. writes on a piece of paper the current date, address and their nickname which is registered at,
    2. while holding the piece of paper visibly and legibly in their hand, the Registered User shall then take a picture of themselves and
    3. the resulting photography shall be uploaded at into their Registered Account,
    4. while it is absolutely necessary that the face of the user, or users, if it is a group account, can be clearly seen in the photo.
  3. A verification using a phone number requires that the Registered User
    1. fills in their own valid phone number into the designated area at,
    2. afterwards the Registered User shall receive a text message with a code and
    3. this code shall be written into the respective field at
  4. Bank identity verification requires the Registered User to confirm their identity via the internet banking of the bank in which they have an account and which also supports the bank identity. An up-to-date list of domestic banks supporting banking identity is available here.
  5. Personal Document Verification requires the Registered User to upload their personal document (ID card, passport or another document issued by a state authority) to the respective form in their user profile.
  6. By verifying, the Registered User shall be granted a Verified User status (“Verified User”).
  7. The Verified User might gain credits for their uploaded Content within the credit system of (“the Credit System”).
  8. The status of the Verified User remains with the user even if the user exercises their right to delete their telephone number in accordance with Article VI of the Privacy Policy.
  9. The User has no legal right to verification. The Provider and his employees may refuse, reject or accept the verification with a reservation, in which case the User will be called for a remedy consisting, for example, in the submission of additional documents.
  10. The photo used for account verification must not be modified in any way.
  11. Once an account is verified, it cannot be changed to the unverified one.

VI. Credit System

  1. The Credit System is an internal system of
  2. Obtaining, transferring (gifting), using, validity and other rules of credits are governed by the Credit System Rules.
  3. The disbursement of credits in the form of money is governed by Terms of Disbursement.

VII. VIP Membership

  1. The VIP Membership is such a Registered Account that has been upgraded to a higher level of exclusivity.
  2. The rules of VIP membership and its use are governed by a separate document Terms of VIP Membership.

VIII. Rules for Creators

  1. A Creator is the User who is designated as such by the Provider and who is entitled to receive remuneration in the form of credits for their content.
  2. Rules for Creators are regulated by a separate document Rules for Creators.

IX. Warranty of the Provider

  1. The Provider is not responsible for the unobjectionability of the Content.
  2. In case the paid service is not available for more than 24 hours, the Provider shall provide the User with compensation in the form of credits.
  3. In case of dissatisfaction with using some of the paid services, the User may also request a money return.
  4. The money return request shall be individually assessed by the Provider.
  5. There is no legal claim to money return.

X. Rights and Obligations of the Provider

  1. The Provider, as well as the authorized person, reserves their right to monitor accounts, the behaviour of the Users and the Content to keep safe.
  2. In the event that the Provider or an authorized person detects a violation of the rules set forth herein, the account may be suspended, blocked or canceled without giving a reason.
  3. The provider is not obliged to inform the user about the reasons for deleting the user account, unless otherwise stated.
  4. The provider has the right, at its own discretion, not to respond further to the request of a user who did not accept or disagree with the previous solution to the situation.
  5. The provider has the right to request verification of the Registered User at any time by means of a personal card or other means of identification, in order to ensure security and in accordance with the law; in the event that the user does not respond to the operator's call or does not comply with the call, the user's account may be restricted or irrevocably deleted without further ado; it is in the interest of every user to verify their account for security reasons.
  6. It is solely in the discretion of the Provider or the authorized person to decide on publishing the Content or not.
  7. In case the User enters an invalid e-mail address upon the registration, the Provider reserves a right to delete such a created Account.
  8. By registering at, the User gives their consent to receive newsletters and informational letters from the Provider. The User may revoke their consent at any time.
  9. As a part of the provided services at, there is also a personalization of the content and advertisement based on the user’s behaviour at, and sending notifications and information on the services of the Provider.
  10. The Provider is obliged to report suspicious or otherwise defective behaviour of users to the competent authorities involved in criminal proceedings, in particular the Police of the Czech Republic, even without prior notice.

XI. Rights and Obligations of the User

  1. The User has the right to delete their uploaded Content at any time.
  2. The User is obliged to respect and comply with the rules of Amateur and the laws of the Czech Republic; the User is especially obliged
    1. not to offer, provide or accept sexual services for remuneration within the meaning of Section 189 (Procuration) of Act No. 40/2009 Sb., the Criminal Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “CrC”);
    2. not to upload, disseminate or otherwise promote such Content in which violence or disrespect for a person is manifested, or which describes, depicts or otherwise instigates sexual intercourse with an animal, in the sense of Section 191 of the CrC;
    3. not to offer, provide or accept such substances which are considered illegal according to the currently valid and effective government regulation in the sense of Section 287 of the CrC, either directly or indirectly, through any content on including a personal description or nickname;
    4. not to spread or otherwise cause the spread of such diseases which are considered dangerous and contagious according to the currently valid and effective government regulation, within the meaning of Section 152 of the CrC, even through negligence pursuant to Section 153 of the CrC;
    5. not to open or click on suspicious or otherwise objectionable hyperlinks that the User receives in any form from another user;
    6. report suspicious or otherwise objectionable behaviour of other users at in accordance with these terms.
  3. The user is obliged to provide true and not misleading or false information about themselves, especially, but not exclusively, about their origin.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to send or request money between users, with the exception of sending credits within the credit system; Violation of this rule will result in immediate account termination.
  5. In case of violation of these conditions, the Provider has the right to suspend or completely delete the account.
  6. If the account is deleted or suspended as a result of a breach of these conditions, the User in question is not entitled to a payment or other refund of credits in their user account, nor to compensation for other possible prepaid services (e. g. VIP membership).
  7. A user using a VPN connection or another service that hides the country of origin, IP address or other access data is not entitled to compensation in the event that some elements of become non-functional due to the use of such a service.

XII. Other Provisions

  1. By uploading the content to, the Registered User provides the Provider with an exclusive, cost-free, sublicensable, assignable and transferable by us, time and geographically unlimited license to the uploaded Content.
  2. Fees for services follow the up-to-date pricelist of the Provider.
  3. Each User of is only allowed to use the Content of for personal purposes.
  4. Copying or distribution of the Content without the Provider’s consent is prohibited.
  5. The Provider reserves their right to complement these GTC with other rules dealing especially with conditions of uploading Content and behaviour at
  6. The Provider reserves their right to control the uploaded Content.
  7. Legal relations arising from the use of shall be governed by the applicable law of the Czech Republic.
  8. Complaints about services provided on are governed by the Complaints Policy.
  9. In no case is the provider responsible for personal meetings between users and any consequences arising from such meetings; the provider is not responsible in any way for the organization of such meetings.

XIII. Operators, Third Parties and Personal Data Processing Policy

  1. The operator and the proprietor of the server is Deka International LLC, 280 Madison Ave, Suite 912, 100 16 New York, United States of America.
  2. is technically provided by ScrumWorks s.r.o., with its registered office at Těšínská 9, Hrdějovice, business ID no.: 261 11 161.
  3. Third Parties means providers of the payment methods and services at
  4. Personal data processing policy and the transmission of information to Third Parties are stated at Privacy Protection Policy. By using and by using its Content, the User acknowledges these policies.

XIV. Transitional and Final Provisions

  1. These GTC come into effect on 1. 10. 2023.
  2. The Provider reserves the right to change these GTC unilaterally.
  3. If not stated otherwise, these GTC shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic.
  4. In case of a discrepancy between the English and Czech version of these GTS, the Czech version shall prevail.