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The website and the subsidiary mobile application of the same name is developed and operated by ScrumWorks s.r.o., the company acting as the controller to which you entrust your data when using the service. In this privacy policy you will learn which data we collect, why we collect them and what we do with the data. This information is important, please, find the time to read it carefully.

Let us remind you that the privacy and security management controls can be found on the Settings / Privacy page where you can set the visibility of some of the data provided.

By entering the website you express your consent with the terms and conditions specified in a separate document and acknowledge this privacy policy, including the manners of use of cookies described below.

If you do not agree with the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy of, leave this website and do not use it.

Personal data protection policy

Latest revision: 25. 5. 2018

You can use our services is various ways, e.g. search for and share information, communicate with other people or create new content. When you share information with us, for instance by creating an account at, we are able to further improve our services — display more relevant search results, help you get in contact with people or accelerate and facilitate sharing with other users. We want you to know how we use your information when you use our services and how you can protect your privacy.

Principles we follow

  • We process the data by ourselves and in compliance with law.
  • We do not require more information from you than is needed for registration. The data provided during the registration process are kept safety for the time of your valid registration with
  • We measure website attendance and use this information for business or internal purposes only.
  • We do not guarantee the authenticity of the information on photos, in videos or other information.

Principles you should follow

  • You provide all your personal data voluntarily. These data are true and verifiable. In the opposite case we have the right to cancel your account in order to protect other users.
  • Where there are other persons appearing on photos or in videos, you declare that you have the consent of the given person with the publication of the photo or the video.
  • You acknowledge the privacy policy applied at the website.
  • You are liable for the information, photos and videos that you upload.
  • You must respect the privacy of the other users.

Information we collect

The information that we collect is collected with the aim to improve the services that we provide to our users — from simple things such as the language you speak to more complex things such as the recommendation of the relevant content you might be interested in.

Information provided by you

During registration we ask you for your personal data, including e-mail address, sex, country and region, that we retain in relation to your account. In this context let us remind you that in the “nick” box of the registration form you are supposed to fill in your nickname, not your real name.

You can also add other non-obligatory data in your publicly visible profile, such as your photo, video, date of birth, height, weight, eye colour, hair colour and some contact data, e.g. a phone number or Skype.

Some of the non-obligatory information may classify as sensitive, such as sexual orientation, sexual preferences or information about who you are looking for and for what purpose. It is only up to you which data you provide, as regards non-obligatory information, you do not have to provide any.

You will have access to your profile where you can change or erase your data at any time. does not collect or process information regarding underage persons and children

You can only become a member of the community if you have reached 18 years of age. Therefore does not knowingly collect or process information regarding underage persons and children. If you have not reached 18 years of age yet, do not give us any information and leave this website.

If we find out that a person younger than 18 years has provided us some data, we will immediately take steps to remove and erase his or her account, including all the provided data.

Should we remove someone’s profile because of the violation of our rules concerning children, we may for our legitimate interest keep such person’s IP address so that we are able to prevent such person form trying to re-enter our website.

Information that we obtain when you use our services

We collect information about the services that you use and the manner in which you use it.

Payment information

We collect information relating to VIP membership payments, including in particular the bank account number, payment data or potentially also the phone number.

Technical device information

We collect information about the particular device used (e.g. hardware model, operating system version, unique identifiers of the device etc.). Your device identifiers may be allocated to your account.

Log information

When you use our services or display the content offered by, we automatically collect certain information which we store in server protocols. This information includes the following:

  • Details about the manner in which you used our service, such as your search inquiries.
  • Internet protocol address.
  • Information about device events, such as hardware settings, browser type, browser language, request date and time or URL address.
  • Cookie files which may serve as the unique identifiers of your browser or your account.

Location information

At we do not store information about your location, we only use it to:

  • Pre-setting the location during registration.
  • Pre-filling the filter (dating service).
  • Pre-setting the time zone.

For this purpose we do not use GPS but the IP address only.

Local storage

Through mechanisms such as the browser web storage (including the HTML 5 technology) or the cache of applications we can collect and retain information (predominantly settings) in the local storage of your device.

Cookie files and similar technologies

Whenever you visit the website, we use cookie files or similar technologies to identify your browser or device. If this information is connected to your account, we manage such information as personal data.

Cookie is a piece of information stored in your computer originating from the website that you visited.

Most of the time cookies store your website settings and thereby make easier your future work with the website. uses cookie files for the purposes of website attendance analysis and content and advertisement personalization.

Cookie files are used for example in the following cases:

  • Registration and login.
  • Automatic login.
  • Web analytics data (e.g. Google Analytics including User-ID).

How we use the information collected

The personal data provided during user registration or the use of our services are processed for the purpose of fulfilling the Terms of Use and the fulfilment of our company’s accounting and tax obligations.

The information that we collect from all our services is used for the provision, maintenance, protection and improvement of those services, development of new services and the protection of the website and its users.

We also use this information to ensure that we can offer you a content corresponding to your needs — for instance, more relevant search results.

Whenever you contact the website, we may keep record of the communication so that we are able to help you solve any potential problems. We may use your e-mail address to send you information about our services, such as notices on planned changes, improvements or privileged VIP membership offers. We may also use your e-mail address for sending you notifications on incoming messages to your profile or sending information on your profile attendance analysis. You can disable the sending of information to your e-mail address at any time on the Settings / Notifications page.

Some of your personal data (such as the IP address) we also retain for our legitimate interest for the purpose of defending our rights or the rights and freedoms of third parties. This information is retained for the period of 6 months after deactivation of your user profile.

Your content on the website is analyzed by our automated systems so that we can offer you services that are relevant directly for you, such as spam and malware detection.

Consent for processing of personal data

During the use of our services situations may occur which may involve the processing of some of your personal data which we will not be able to use for a particular purpose without your consent.

We will inform you about such situations in a separate notice and we will offer you the option to give our company your consent with the use of your accurately defined personal data for a clearly described purpose for a predetermined period.

You may freely decide whether or not you will give us the proposed consent. The use of our standard services is not made conditional upon any such consent for the above-specified purposes and you will not be forced in any way by any one to give such consent.

Each such individual consent granted under the GDPR may substitute your previous consents concerning the same purposes of processing or complement your other consents, if any, for the processing of personal data.

Of course, you can change your decision at any time and withdraw any consent given.

Processing and sharing of personal data

Our company processes your data manually as well as automatically. During the automatic processing of your data we do not use automatic decision-making which may have an impact on your rights.

The protection of your data in our company is ensured by organizational and technical means in compliance with the applicable legal regulations. We demand that a comparable level of security of your data is also ensured by all our personal data processors.

To provide for the above-described purposes your personal data may also be processed, in addition to your company, by some other entities as the processors of your personal data. Your data are shared with these entities only if they meet the organizational and technical standards defined by us to ensure proper protection of the data. Your personal data are shared with these entities only if they are bound by a written contract to comply with the agreed terms and conditions for the processing of your data and to ensure the prescribed protection.

The reason for the transfer of your data to these other entities as processors is as a rule the fact that they use know-how, procedures and technologies of the necessary professional standard which enables them to achieve more efficiently some of the above-mentioned purposes of processing and, in so doing, ensure the necessary protection of your personal data.

The following entities are our company’s main processors:

  • ScrumWorks s.r.o., Hrdějovice, Těšínská 9, Post Code 373 61. Company ID no. 26111161. Tax ID no. CZ26111161.

We process the personal data on our servers as well as third-party servers. Your personal data may be processed on a server located outside your country, but always within the territory of the EU or in countries that are recognized in the European commission list as countries providing sufficient guarantees for the protection of personal data.

We may share anonymous data that do not make possible the identification of persons, and we may do so publicly with our partners, such as website owners, advertisers or related websites. For example, we may publicly share data for the purpose of displaying the trends connected with the general use of our services.

In the event that our company participates in a merger or acquisition or sells its assets, we will ensure continual confidentiality of all the personal data and we will notify the relevant users of this fact before the personal data are transferred or before different personal data protection policy starts to apply to such data.

Sharing of data on the basis of consent

If you give us your consent, we may share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals from outside our company. For sharing your sensitive personal data we demand your explicit consent.

Sharing of data for legal reasons

We share personal data with companies, organizations or individuals from outside our company if we are convinced in good faith that the access to, the use, retention or publication of such data is reasonably necessary for the purpose of:

  • Compliance with valid laws or regulations and for court proceedings or enforceable requests of the state administration.
  • Exercise of applicable terms of use, including investigation of their violation, if any.
  • Safeguarding, prevention or other procedure against fraud, technical difficulties or security issues.
  • Protection of the rights, assets or security of our company, our users or the public as required or permitted by law.

Transparency and choice

If you wish to decide who will be able to see the data inserted by you — whether registered users only or the non-registered ones as well — check and update the controls on the Settings / Privacy page.

Further, on the Settings / Notifications page you are given the option to allow or disable any of the e-mail or Push notifications sent from the website.

Erasure of account

Our goal is to offer our services in a manner enabling the protection of the information from accidental or intentional destruction. With view to this fact we need to inform you that after you have deleted your data from our website, we do not immediately erase their residual copies from our active servers and we do not remove the information from our back-up systems.

You may request at any time the erasure of your account on the Settings / My account page.

In such case you will be required to enter the reason and your password.

To finally confirm your request for the erasure of your account click on the link in the confirmation e-mail.

From that moment a period of 6 months starts to run during which your account is non-active and no longer available to the public but all the data relating to it have not yet been erased. During this period you still may ask for the renewal of your account if necessary. Over this period we retain the data also on the basis of our legitimate interest in order to protect our rights or the rights and freedoms of third parties. You may object to the legitimate interest and if your objection is assessed as reasonable, we will erase all the data without any possibility of their renewal within 30 days from the submission of the objection.

After the expiry of the 6-month period from the submission of the request for the erasure of the account we will irrecoverably erase all the data provided by you and all the data associated with your account.

Information shared by you

Our service enables you to share your information with others. Keep in mind, though, that whenever you share information publicly, it may be indexed by public search engines.

Your personal data protection rights

Our company’s goal is to ensure transparent and correct processing of your personal data and their proper protection, always in compliance with the applicable legal regulations. To assure you of our responsible approach to the processing of your personal data we are ready to respond quickly and professionally to your legitimate requests by which you may want to verify our responsible approach during the processing of your data and, if needed, help us remove any shortcomings that may exceptionally occur during this activity.

Whenever we process your personal data, we do so on the basis of the applicable legal grounds allowing us to provide our services, ensure the operation of our company, perform our contractual and legal obligations, and providing protection and security to our systems or ensuring the performance of other legitimate interests of our company as described in the above-given paragraphs of this document. Alternatively, we process your personal data on the ground of your consent.

I want to know what data about me you process

You have the right to access your personal data and other relating information. However, the rights of third parties must not be affected by that. All your data and content that you have provided to us are available through your account.

You have the right to ask us to give you your personal data in a commonly used and machine-readable format enabling their transmission to another controller where such data were obtained on the ground of your consent or in connection with the entry into and performance of a contract and are processed automatically. In such case we will give you the basic data that you have provided us during the registration of your user account.

I am interested in the rectification of my data

It may happen that your data will be incorrectly recorded or outdated. In such case you may at any time update or erase the data on your user account.

I do not want you to use my personal data any longer

We fully respect your right to the erasure of your personal data. You may request at any time the erasure of your account on the Settings / My account page. The manner of the erasure of your personal data is described above in the “account erasure” section.

I think that you use some of my personal data without authorization

On the ground of your objection we will assess and until the objection is resolved we will block any potential use of your personal data where there are doubts that we use such data in compliance with the applicable legal regulations.

I do no want to give you some of my personal data

You are not obligated to give us your personal data. We will inform you in concrete situations which of your personal data are necessary for the use of our services.

I want to withdraw my consent

If you have given us your consent for the processing of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. The withdrawal of this consent does not have any impact on the processing of your data for the entire time for which your consent was validly given. The withdrawal of your consent will only have impact on the processing of our data for specific purpose(s) for which it was given. However, it does not have an impact on the processing of your personal data for other purposes and legal reasons, where such purposes and reasons apply to such personal data.

I want to disable marketing

If you receive information about our services delivered to your e-mail address (on the basis of our legitimate interest), you may disable its delivery at any time on the Settings / Notifications page.

Filing complaints

You have the right to file a complaint with the office for personal data protection.

Information security

We work intensely to ensure that the website and its users are protected from unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, publication or destruction of the data retained by us.

The data and their transfer are coded by modern coding methods.

The processes of collection, retention and processing of information, including its physical security, are carefully controlled to prevent any unauthorized access to our systems.

We limit the access to the personal data only to the employees of our company, contractual partners and agents who have the need to know these data to be able to process them for us and who are contractually bound by strict confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations and any violation of these obligations may lead to their punishment or to the termination of the cooperation.

Compliance with regulations and cooperation with regulatory bodies

We regularly monitor the compliance with this privacy policy. Whenever we receive a formal written complaint, we will contact the person who filed it for the purposes of investigation. In cases of complaints regarding the transfer of personal data, which may not be resolved directly with users, we will cooperate with the competent regulatory bodies, including local bodies for the protection of personal data.


Some principles of our personal data protection policy may be changed from time to time without a prior notice. We will not limit your rights ensuing from this personal data protection policy without your explicit consent. All changes in the personal data protection policy will be published on this page and you will be informed on any significant changes (in the case of some services we may announce personal data protection policy changes by e-mail).

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