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170 cm


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sex in public, transvestism, transexuality
Woman, Couple woman & man
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friendship, talking

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IMPORTANT!! I am not Czech and I do not speak Czech, and I am TV. All the photos belongs to me.

POZOR!! Nejsem český a nemluvím česky. A jsem TV. Všechny fotky patří mně

*I am cross-dresser (doesn't mean a person mentally ill). As I am having women shape, I wouldn't miss this opportunity 😆

*I am here because I would like to have friendship as long as I am here in Prague. I didn't find any, don't know whats the reason..

*Great news! I am NOT looking for sex. Any requests regarding to that, will be ignored (either from girl or boy)

*Sending me penis photos will not work. Doesn't make me interested at all. You just ignored.

*Ignoring my sexual decision and showing your feminist ego, you better learn what is meaning "respect" (Users: fenenka_CB, nelikpusik, panimama50)

*English nicknames - But not speaking English? Don't worry, you wont lose anything in your life while being lazy when you talk to me. Just don't expect my answer.

*Having fake account and using your wife's or girlfriend's photo on this server is against law! If I caught any, I will give this information to proper departments. You dont lose anything while being true.
(Dle § 184 zákona č. 40/2009 - - Dle § 11 zákona č. 40/1964, Podle § 13)