It's easier to use on your mobile and tablet now!

Your comfort is important to us, so we've created the Android mobile app for you. You don't have to check out your favourite (not only) faces on your mobile browser. Download the latest version of our Android app here and install it on your smartphone and tablet. So what are you waiting for…? :)))

You can use it normally, but take into consideration that the application does not include all features at this time and may not be stable, since with each new version comes a large amount of changes. We are developing intensively, working on this app every day, our goal being a quality product with which you will enjoy as well as on the web, if not even better. So let's do it!

Android application
Version: 2.33.1 (Android 5+)
Last updated: 24.11.2023

Free installation.


Instructions for proper installation

You won’t find the application on Google Play or any other store, meaning you have to download and install it yourselves. We’re naturally sad about this but unfortunately we can’t do anything about the oversensitive nature of the ladies and gentlemen at the official stores. Unlike us, they clearly don’t get the health benefits of peaches, bananas and nuts :)

  1. Go to the main menu of your Android to Settings / More / Security, and enable Unknown sources in the Device Administration section.
  2. Click DOWNLOAD and wait for the whole “amateri.apk” file to download (should your antivirus program warn you of potentially dangerous content, enable downloading).
  3. Find the “amateri.apk” file on your smartphone (most likely it will be located in the “Download” folder).
  4. Launch the “amateri.apk” file (all you need to do is click on it), and the application will be installed.

The latest version includes the following features:

  • Viewing albums, videos and user profiles
  • Uploading and editing albums and videos
  • Receiving and sending messages
  • Chat rooms
  • Dating
  • Reading blogs and stories
  • Events
  • Filtering and full-text search
  • Push notifications
  • Profile verification
  • PIN code and fingerprint lock

Not yet included features are solved with direct links to the web.

Send us your comments, opinions, suggestions for new features, notify us of bugs.

Only thanks to you, we can develop an application that will satisfy even the most demanding amateurs. Do not hesitate and start testing with style. We look forward to your comments, none of them will be taken lightly.