ebooks-bdsm-comThe New World - sample from ebookLike always I cuffed up the slave and switched on the program. He started to scream and I enjoyed it. I was happy about myself. Everything was normal again, at least I thought so. When I came out the training room, I looked finally how wrecked my weak spot was, I felt pain at my heart. Still, I walked over to his cell and commanded him to lay on his stomach and to put his hands behind his back. He did it immediately. The lesson that he got was evidently enough. Moreover, which was my luck, he didn’t notice what he and his shape are doing to me. I remembered what Lady Magde said and it was clear to me that I wouldn’t give her this slave. I walked into his cell and I put on cuffs on his hands that he put behind his back. I commanded him to get up. He couldn’t do it much. He hasn’t got his strength back since yesterday. I helped him to get up on his feet, and ordered him to follow me. I led him from the barn and from the corner of my eye I noticed that his friend, as the only one who hasn’t been through the training on the chair, is looking with his eyes wide open to the direction of the training room and to us. We walked out and I led him into my house. I had a cell ready inside for these kinds of situations, which had all the equipment needed. I took him inside and commanded him to lay down on the examination bed. I tied his legs and after taking off his handcuffs I also tied his arms. I connected the electrodes, and I noticed how freaked out he was. Which kind of amused me. Because those electrodes weren’t for punishment or training, but examination. Just classic ECG. After what he’s going through I needed to find out in what shape his heart is. I turned on the system, and let it write a record about his heart activity.\n\nThen I returned back to the barn. The first half-hour of the training of the squirt has went by, so there was nothing else to wait for. In the barn, as I was passing the cell of the third slave, I gave him a practice shot and then set him off to the training room. The subject strapped to the chair was throwing himself around in pain and was screaming as if he was out of his mind. The system was giving him strong shots into his penis. I waited for the system to run to thirty five minutes and switched it all off. The slave was panting like a wild bull and was staring with his eyes wide. I went over behind his head and told him that this was only the beginning. And that these kinds and worse kinds of lessons are still awaiting him. He was worked up well already. I untied him. As soon as I helped him off the chair, he fell to the ground. I calmly put on him the electro impulsive ring. I walked him to his cell and immediately took up the last piece. There was nothing to wait for, so why wait?\n\nFind more about this BDSM ebook\n\n