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AC/DCAuthor: Burny from Heaven\n\n„Aaaaaaaaarrrggghhhh,“ my almost inaudible scream mixed with a loudly playing Highway To Hell by AC/DC. Marina, once my housemaid and now my mistress, owner and tormentor, just sent another extremely strong electric shock into my penis, which has been already tortured for several hours. With an expression of amused sadist, she was slowly sliding a steel electrode up and down my urethra. The movement multiplied the strength of every shock, because it increased the contact of the highly conductive rod with my urethra – again and again.\n\nMy name is Roy. I am a rich, successful businessman, I own several factories and two banks. I can have everything I want. And I am a slave of my own housemaid.\n\nIt was not always this way. Five years ago, Marina was taking care of cleaning my large house and sometimes she cooked for me. One day, however, I forgot that she is scheduled to come and I took the opportunity to kick up my heels a bit. I slid an electrode into my penis, placed another one on my scrotum and connected them to a TENS machine. Then I chose a program with irregular shocks and bound myself in spread-eagle style with a timelocked cuffs. I expected to have a half-hour of sexual ecstasy. However, after about fifteen minutes, Marina came into my bedroom. I did not notice her arrival, because I focused all my attention on the TENS machine. Marina seized the opportunity, took an expensive smartphone she got as a present from me, and started filming. She continued until I reached orgasm... and noticed her.\n\nShe just smiled at me: „Now you are mine!“. I strained and tried to break the cuffs, but I knew them to be futile – I had them custom-made and they were nearly indestructible. Five minutes still remained until the timelock would open, and these five minutes of my helplessness were enough for Marina to enslave me. She excitedly described to me how she saved the filmed scene in a cloud storage and how she has to enter a password every day, to prevent the movie from being sent to her e-mail contacts and subsequently to every member of supervisory boards of my companies. If that would happen, my life would be in ruins, and I had no other option than accepting her categorical proposal – to be her slave forever. I nodded, resigned, and sealed my fate.\n\nFrom that day on, I am still the successful businessman I was before, I direct thousands of people and influence their lives. Nevertheless, my own life is ruled by a young, ugly housemaid, who is taking full advantage of every luxury my money can buy. I can do nothing except obeying her every wish and enduring the sadistic torture she loves to inflict on me.\n\nToday’s torture, as I said, already lasted for several hours. Marina is the cruellest, most sadistic woman I have ever met. She reaches the most intensive orgasms when she is tormenting me brutally, and her favorite way to inflict pain is electrotorture.\n\nSometimes I wonder if my love of rock music and AC/DC in particular was the cause of my ordeal. I remember the song when Marina caught me red-handed and enslaved me. Highway To Hell... yes, I am on such a highway and every day I slide deeper.\n\n„Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhggggghhhhh,“ I screamed again when another searing shock ripped through my penis. Marina is an expert in using the TENS unit for an extremely painful torture, which still does not leave physical traces.\n\nThrough a veil of tears, I looked at my tormentor. In one hand she held the urethral electrode, which „entertained“ me so much, the second one was plunged deep into her pussy. She was dripping wet and the squelching sound of her masturbation was audible even through my screams and the roaring AC/DC.\n\nWhen she came, I had to lick and kiss her hand. She ordered me to thank her and I obeyed humbly. Then she pushed the electrode deep into my penis and turned to leave. I shouted: „You can’t leave me like this!“ But she did not even turn. „Yes, I can and I will. And you just earned a punishment for your insolence.“ With these words, she shut the doors to my bedroom.\n\nI was left alone. Chained to the bed, with an electrode in my penis and TENS unit turned to the maximum. Marina returned after a short while, but my hope that she will release me was soon dashed. She just grabbed a remote control for the audio system, and the repeating Highway To Hell got even louder. Then she left for good.\n\nI was bound for six hours that day, and I „enjoyed“ the TENS unit the entire time. When Marina returned at last, two hours after she left and six hours since my torment started, she had a new dress and a new handbag. She smiled at me: „Look what you bought for me.“ I just resignedly wished her to be happy with her purchase. She answered that I do not need to worry about that, turned the TENS unit off and pulled out the electrode. „Go wash yourself,“ she ordered me when she released my cuffs. „I am waiting for you in the living room.“ In most cases, that means that we will watch a movie. That SHE will watch a movie, to be exact – I will not see anything, because I will be locked in a queen stool and I will be licking her pussy. She enjoys that frequently. But I have to say I enjoy it too, in a way, because it is the only moment I am close to female privates. Her pussy is not particularly nice and she does not smell so good, either, but it is better than nothing. When Marina is not torturing me, I am locked in an indestructible chastity belt secured by a Prince Albert piercing, and I am constantly, unbelievably horny. In this condition, the ugly woman seems to be the most beautiful, alluring woman I have ever seen.\n\n\n\nThis BDSM story is a free sample from the ebook Edition 9+1 - FemDom. This ebook brings you 9 more femdom BDSM stories full of female domination, male humiliation and pain, obedience training and more. We are sure you will find lot of excitement and inspiration inside.\n\n


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