Emma's secrets

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Weeks passed since they get comfortable with each other. Trough their profiles on a BDSM dating site they exchanged; pictures, fantasies, desires. Emma was more comfortable talking with him than with her own friends. She was telling him her deepest secrets, fantasies... Every time she had a message from him her panties went soaking wet, just by simple "Hello" from him she was trembling. He was just an online friend, she knew him from pictures, but she wanted him so much not because he's outstanding looks, his beautiful smile, big shoulders and elegant clothes, but because he understood everything, she could be free with him, tell him all bad things about her and he would guide her with his knowledge. Since she met Dylan, she was a new woman, strong and independent, and yet she was craving for his commands, she felt unlighten when she was under him, she learned the "Paradox of the women" passed few weeks while speaking to this man who called him self the Forbitted God...

She wake up and went to work, as every day. She get her self the latte, and sit on her working desk. She open the computer, and finishing the tasks, after she finished everything she checked her e-mail, it was already 11 o'clock and it was breakfast time. But there was a message from him: Viber me when you get this message!
She start shaking, she was used to get messages from him but never that early, she squeezed her teeth, and replay immedietly:

- Hello Master, as you wished I am writing you back.

She was waiting few minutes to hear from Dylan, every minute was like an hour. And then he answered back:

-What are you wearing on yourself now!?

-A pencil skirt, black stockings, and not very high heels, Sir.

-Very good. Tell me about your working day, Emma?

-Now I have my breakfast, and after we have a general meeting Sir. After the meeting I have more work on my computer, untill 3 pm Sir.

-I have a task for you, Emma! Are you willing to obey and please me?

She start feeling warm between her legs, her stomach was shaking and her heart start bouncing harder, she wanted to respond to him fast, but the satisfaction from his words was so big that she had to swallow, and than drink little water while her hand was shaking as she hold the glass.

-Yes my Master! Anything you say. Your wish is my command.

-Are you wet Emma?

-A little bit Sir, after your messages.

-Emma, I want you to take off the stockings, take out your panties as well. And then I want you to put one stocking inside your pussy! And like that I want you to participate at the meeting, while your pussy is dripping wet, I want the stocking to soak the juices of your pussy!

-Give me a minute Sir... Its done Sir!

-Very good! I want you to stay like that all day, untill I say otherwise! So have a nice day, I'll write you back latter, my dear.

(The meeting)

Room full of people, ignorant people who chase money and numbers, Emma was like them as well, before she met her Master. But now she sees the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Her CEO, the fat man in middle 40's, the one she admired so much now seemed like an idiot who cheat on his wife with any young girl he can get. His stipid conversations was so patetic now for Emma, a girl who used to admired him. And her colleagues... she was looking at them with different eyes, they didn't knew what secrets life has! Her BDSM life was so full of secrets that wait to be discovered, and there she was protected, guided by her Master, every day was a new discovery. She felt like in the 4th dimension, and all arund her is far, like from a different, an old age. She was unlighten.

Everybody was worried about numbers, about the revenue, and she was happy wearing the stocking inside her pussy, and that stocking was teasing her, every time she moved her legs a little bit she felt a pleasure, and knowing that is a wish from her Master, her pussy was dripping even more. There in a middle of the room, Emma enjoyed her little secret, her erotic pleasure, and the world around her was still living in the middle age. And Emma - She was flyuing with her wings, the wings of freedom, in a world that is hidden from this one, that is forbitten, that is judged, but Emma... she could keep a secret. It's even better when its a secret...

I hope you enjoyed reading. Sorry for my grammar and spelling misstakes. The story is not a lectored, or re writed, this is the first writing.

Send me a feedback with your opinion, r feelings about the story. As a writer I would LOVE to hear anything you have to say about this story. Thank you! :)

(A sequence from my unpublished book: Emma's secrets'

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Do not re write, or publish without permission of the author.

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