My first bi sexual encounter

What's up everybody I'm here to tell you about my first bi sexual encounter. I am a 52yr old married bi sexual Hispanic male I have an 8inch cock and alot of people both male and female have said I have a great ass. I love to wear my wife's panties as it makes me really horny and gets my wife's pussy wet and gets her really horny seeing me in her panties. My wife is a horny 47yr old bisexual latina who loves to be fucked hard up her ass and treated like a dirty little slut and she loves to be humiliated. She has always known that I was bi curious but I never thought I would actually act out my fantasy and suck another man's cock or fuck another man in his ass but oh I'm so glad I did. My wife called me at work and said that she had a nice surprise for me when I get home from work. Boy did she ever! When I got home my wife was in a pair of bikini panties and matching bra she told me to hurry up and shower because I didn't have much time. She handed me a razor and said for me to shave my balls and ass... when I asked why she just handed me a pair of pretty black bikini panties and said to put em on. I put on my panties and a pair of short shorts with a long t shirt. I thought it was going to be a romantic evening with the wife and I getting down and dirty..To my surprise my wife Dee asked me if I remembered her friend Dave who happens to be gay and I said that I did and asked her why. What Dee didn't know at the time was that I had a secret crush on him I mean I was attracted to him! Dee began to tell me that she had told him that I love to wear her panties and I was bi curious. She went on to tell him that we had watched bi sexual porn and that it turns her on watching two men fucking and sucking each other. She asked me if I was getting a hard cock watching bi sexual men (I was to ashamed to admit that it did turn me on) so I said no it didn't. But inside of me I secretly wanted her to strap on a 9inch dildo and fuck my ass while I suck the warm cum out of the cock that's been shoved in my mouth. As I lay on my bed next to my wife who is on the phone with Dave talking about how to get me to be with another man, I start to think about Dave and his muscular body all sweaty waiting for me to lick him dry. Dave is 6foot 5inches tall and weighs about 180 lbs of solid muscle he has short brown hair blue eyes and a panty dropping smile. I met him at my wife's company's Christmas party and had lustful thoughts about him... I wish I had known he was gay then! I seen him again at a beach party my wife's company had one year and I'll never forget the way Dave looked in them speedo s he had on, his cock looked huge under his trunks that I just wanted to walk up to him and say I want to suck your cock Dave. My wife hangs up the phone and tells me that Dave is coming over but not for the reason she had said earlier. I asked her what he was coming over to our house for, as she grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom she said that Dave had told her that he was attracted to me and wanted to come over and help me out with my bi sexual curiosity if my wife didn't mind. She was thrilled about it and was very excited that we were finally going to have a bi sexual 3some with another man. My wife wanted me to get dolled up for Dave so I went to my room and put on some make up and did my hair. I put on a pair of my wife's sexiest panties and mini skirt I had shaved my whole body in the shower so I was feeling a little sexy and beautiful. I was so excited and horny that I was gonna take a moment and put a cucumber up my ass.. Mmmmmm that feels so good I can't wait to get Dave's cock and shove it up my ass for the first time. As I'm rubbing my wife's pussy there is a knock at the door so Dee gets up to let Dave in and I'm sitting on the couch wearing my wife's black silky panties a see through teddy with matching robe feeling like a slut who's about to get fucked hard. Dave and Dee come to the living room wearing only their underwear and they waste no time stripping me down to mine. Dave sits beside me and my wife excuses herself and goes into the first room and shuts the door. Dave meanwhile is looking into my eyes and says "Bobby baby Dee told me that you were bi curious" well don't you worry about it because I will be gentle with you and go slow... He started to kiss my neck slowly and run his tongue all over my chest and nipples instantly turning me into a horny little bitch wanting to be fucked hard deep in my ass or my "man pussy" I began to moan and wiggle with pleasure as Dave continued to explore my aching body with his hands and tongue. I laid back and he just stared at me and said "Bobby baby I've been wanting to do this for a long time, I have wanted you for a while now but Dee said that you weren't into men so I passed." Dee came to me and she was so happy to tell me that you told her that you were bi curious. Is that true Bobby? I said yes it was true and then I told Dave that I was attracted to him as well, he then pulled me to him and shoved his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss me passionately I knew right away that he was gonna go where no man has ever gone before. Dave was well hung with a 10 and a half inch cock. I began to remove my teddy and bra til I was just in my wife's panties, Dave was completely naked with a hard cock between his massive legs, he had a pair of balls that looked like 2 big meat balls hanging on to his huge cock... I wondered if I was gonna be able to take that hard member up my ass but I didn't give a fuck I was gonna take it all up in my ass even if it hurts me I don't give a fuck I'll spread my ass wide open so I can be fucked hard up my ass and slapped like a dirty whore I want to be used and abused by my wife's friend Dave and called names and treated like a fucken slut! Dave pulled my panties down and said "get on the bed and spread your legs open" so I laid down on my back and opened up my legs to let him slide his hard cock deep inside of my ass. At first Dave was going slow as he was guiding the head of his cock into my ass I moaned loud and hard every time he went a little deeper into my ass. Soon Dave was pounding his cock in and out of my ass as I hollered out "fuck me harder you bastard is that all you have?" Just then my wife appears in the room with a monster of a cock strapped on her and I immediately think that I'm about to get dp'd with 2 cocks up my ass. My wife began to slide into my ass as Dave put his cock in my mouth and I began to suck on Dave's big cock while Dee was ramming me from behind. This went on for what seemed like an eternity finally Dave yelled out "I'm cummmming" "shoot it in my ass baby please give it to me Daddy" oh man my wife and I shared his cock for the rest of the night and they both took turns fucking me in my ass I was treated like the dirty fucken bitch ass slut that I am. I love it when guys are so abusive to me and do whatever they want to me. I still see Dave with and without Dee I love his cock in my ass and mouth. I look forward to all bi sexual encounters... Cum fuck me and my wife..... We'll be waiting for you.....

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Pretty Intense. I'm happy for you.