9.3.2021 18:51 max_perversex

In this long pause I began to reflect on the past, with a lot of nostalgia ... I crossed Europe in search of the perfect Mistress, the Queen of BDSM .. After having met and served Mistresses of Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia .... I found the BDSM paradise in Czechia .... starting with the magical experiment of the owk Castle, which, besides the commercial aspect, was a symbol for BDSM lovers .. sin not having been able to document. But, besides the Moravian jewels, and I will not name the names, as I will not name any of the Mistresses I met, it is in Prague that I found the end of the journey: here I met Mistresses who have proven to be extraordinary people who have embodied the quintessence of BDSM philosophy, far beyond the economic aspect ... not all Czechs, but Prague by adoption, of this magical city that has also kidnapped me. Each with incomparable photos ... one in particular was (and is) a true artist, a dream builder: every encounter with her is pure ecstasy, from start to finish. When this catastrophe is over, I hope to find them all, my goddesses. ... meanwhile, even ashamed of my person, I want to share some of those moments ..

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