My second time with a stranger

29.6.2021 17:17 anna_CD_

A long time ago I wrote about my first ever experience here as a girl.

Up until that moment, I had never considered having sex with a man, largely because the opportunity had never presented itself and mainly because I enjoy women too. However there was a part of me that was more than a little curious.

And being in a relationship with a girl, I had and have access to so many sexy underwear and clothes that I decided to try on.

The feeling of the soft, satin underwear hugging my body and this unique feeling of sexual arousal only from wearing the girly clothes, began adding more and more thoughts in my mind. Black panties, legging and heels seems are like drugs to me, making me do all sort of things I never imagined doing.

What had I possibly been missing?

That's when I decided to sign up here and see how this goes. I very quickly found it difficult to believe that so many found me sexually attractive at this point in time, or just wanted to fuck me, blew my relatively innocent mind!

Could I really find the the courage to let myself go and let a real man explore and fuck my so tight ass? In the end I did and it was so amazing that I could not stop thinking about it.

So after a very long time, almost 1 year, I decided it was time for repeating this amazing experience.

I decided that for this time as well, I would do a similar same setup as from my previous encounter, and like a good little girl just provide the service of my ass to the lucky one :)

As the day came, I was once again nervous.

After all, it's only my second time and the expectation of the unexpected has gotten the better of me.

I get into the shower and begin my preparation from head to toe, in and out, as I need to be perfectly clean, and smell nice like a lady.

30 minutes to the unknown date and I exit the shower. On the bed there's a Brazilian style lacy underwear so I pick them up and put them on. Next, I put on my bra and a full bodysuit lingerie with a small opening on the back for easier access.

My nails were done long, a with crimson red color, so I could make his cock harder while stroking it with my fingers wrapped around it.

Black hair, red heels, red lipstick and eyelashes would complete my sexy but not completely slutty outfit for tonight.

Seeing myself made me feel so sexy and I could feel my little dick have some precum and my tight asshole was already, ready for action.

A few moments later the door rings and I like him in.

The room was dark but you could see clearly around.

Like a good little girl with only one job to do, I position myself on the bed, doggystyle, giving him a great view which from what I saw made him hard immediately.

He pulls down his pants and approaches me. Not a single word was said but yet we were in a complete communication. I bend my back and raise my ass closer to him. His big had is laid on my ass. I move the thong a little to the side and lubricate my asshole to let him know the next move.

In an instance, I can feel a pressure from his cock pressing against my asshole so I try to relax. My had extends to his shaft while my red long nails try to wrap around his long cock while he penetrates me.

What a feeling.

A feeling of being dominated for a second time, being a slut or whatever other name, I could only say that I loved having that cock inside of me. After about 5 long minutes of being taken in doggy position, and without removing his cock, I signal to turn around and sit on his lap, a reverse cowgirl.

I rode his cock up and down for another few minutes. I could tell he was not getting tired anytime soon but I was sweating and my now stretched asshole wanted a break. So on my knees I get and position myself infront of him.

At that moment, I actually see what my ass had realised, that it was a very long cock. Like a good girl I open my mouth and guide him inside without using my hands. With one hand I was fingering my asshole, guiding easily the fingers in and out. And with my mouth giving him a blowjob. I tried to take it all in but not being trained enough, I could sadly not. So I place my other hand on his cock and massage it and stroke it while sucking it. I take it out to kick and lick the head and the whole shaft for sometime and then turn around on the bed, in my favorite doggy position where he aggressively enters me.

In contrary to my mouth thanks to the position, I could take all that length in my ass until I could feed his balls. What a feeling of satisfaction. After some deep thrusts, I could feed him being ready to cum, so as he speeds up then mounts me and goes as deep as possible to finish in my ass. What a night, I only hoped he didn't has a condom and cummed inside me but maybe another time.

I think that this second time has changed me and I so look forward to the next one when I will becoming more and more female and satisfy my asshole and take on adventures like this, nice people and their beautiful cocks.


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