Topic: AMATERI New Look

14.10.2015 17:36

New day, new surprise... I do hope that more users will share my opinion. The new look is awful. Why it is not possible to see pics in their original resolution like it was before? Amateri was always for me the best site. Unfortunately... IT WAS :(

14.10.2015 19:17

agree. a lot of the content seems to have disappeared as well

15.10.2015 14:43

17.10.2015 01:59

Fully agree ! I had no idea what happend at the first glance. I thought that amateri was hacked. Are there really only 5 new albums published last week, or I can't find any. The biggest advantage of amateri compared to other sites was that it was simple, quick and reliable. Now they've changed it to the 'modern' look, which is crappy, everything is too big, hard too find.

19.10.2015 15:34

23.10.2015 10:15

The new page is a nightmare.

25.10.2015 05:17

28.10.2015 17:40

Yeah, looks bad. I wouldn't want to leave but now it's even more difficult to find male/female company here...

29.10.2015 18:57

ahoj,,taksi představte...Já si aktivuji VIP..a za odměnu mi Amatéěnily pohlavý z muže na ženu..Dobrý ne...Kopanec o nich přímo do zadku je to že to jde změnit až za 30 dní.. :-)... a VIP mam od dneska na 14 dnííí...napsal jsem jim už 5 zprav na podporu a ni neodepsaly ,,,,tak nevímm..mmůže nekdo poradit?

13.11.2015 10:23

I'd say NO, THANK YOU, or do I? Such a mediocre design yet it feels like fuc*ing blue Monday. If that was the intention, job well done... *thumbs down*

6.1.2016 14:17

I agree with everyone else the new look is not good and difficult to navigate .
Sad thing is its not going to go back to the original and unlikely to change for the better however much we don't like it.
Or will the owners listen !!!

7.5.2016 19:54

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17.5.2016 09:57

I agree that the new look is much worse than before. Some features do not even work properly...

14.12.2016 08:55

nimeni nu vorbeste romaneste?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

14.2.2017 18:29

eu vb romaneste.........................................................................................

13.2.2018 01:05

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30.8.2017 20:01

I just want to figure out where the women that speak english are hiding...

2.4.2018 15:06

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