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He was fast asleep on the couch as I entered the house. I had been watching him for weeks, learning his routine, waiting for the perfect opportunity. As far as I could tell he had recently moved to our little town. He didn't have any close friends yet, no one to miss him. The perfect target.

His mail says his name is Matt, not that I cared much. All I cared about was how he looked when I spotted him on the rowing machines at the gym. He wasn't hugely muscular but he was very toned and lean. He had a cute face and short dark hair. I followed him home that day, noting that he lives alone in a relatively isolated part of town. He works in an office building during the day and spends evenings alone watching TV and playing video games. Most nights he falls asleep on the couch.

The TV is still blaring as watch him sleep. He is slumped on his back, length ways across the couch. One arm draped down to the floor. A mobile phone sits on the coffee table in front of him, house keys lying next to it. I pocket them. On the same coffee table I place my bag of toys, unzipping it for ease of access later.

I survey the room. The downstairs is open plan, with a small kitchen on the far end. A dining table sits between the kitchen area and the living area. The living space has a three seat couch with matching armchair. The space is sparsely decorated with only the coffee table and TV stand to complete it. An open staircase leads up to an upper landing, running the width of the room. I know upstairs has three rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom and a spare room.

I set about making preparations for our games night. Locking the front door I pocket the key. I do the same for all windows, thankful that the double glazing will also prevent anyone from hearing our fun. Moving to the kitchen I hide anything sharp or dangerous. I don't want anyone to get seriously injured by our fun. I unplug his landline, and switch off the router just to make sure.

Preparations complete, I stalk over to my soon to be plaything. His sleep looks peaceful, totally unaware of the ordeal he is about to endure. Carefully I climb onto the couch with him, straddling his body as I position my face in front of his. I re position his arms above his head, holding both wrists with one hand. I can already feel my erection straining in my pants, the anticipation is killing me. Without wasting any more time, I clamp my free hand over his mouth.

His eyes slowly open, then shoot wide in wild shock. I am an imposing figure, 6.4 and built. I didn't bother to wear a mask so he may recognize me from the gym. Breaking out of his shock, he struggles ineffectively against me, kicking up at my back whiles trying to free his hands from my iron grip. He shouts and screams into my hand.

I sit there as he bucks and writhes under my form. He continues to struggle for a minute or so as I look down on him. His kicks and twists get weaker as his breathing becomes more labored. Soon he realizes the futility of the fight, ceasing his struggles he looks pleadingly into my eyes. I love the look a boy gives when he realizes he is no longer in control of a situation.

"Hi Matt. Your names Matt right? We are going to be playing a fun little game tonight. Does that sound good?"

"Nnngngggh!! Mmmppgghff!!"

"Oh good, I hoped you would like the idea. Do you want to hear the rules of the game?"

"Nuu... Gaaanah!! Nnuu... Nuugh..."

"They are simple really. In a minute I am going to release you and count down from 10. Once I am done I will try to find you. If I can catch you, I will remove an item of clothing and apply one of my toys from my this here bag. I will then release you and start over. There may also be a bit of slap and tickle between rounds, just you and me. Sounds fun right? If you are able to escape then I will let you go. But if I am able to remove all items of clothing then I win and you and I get to know each other better? How does that sound?"


"Glad you are on board. I guess as long as we are clear on the rules I can release you now. Get ready."

In one motion I release the kid from my grasp as I raise my body from his. He scrabbles out from me, tripping as he lunges for the front door. I sit up, savoring the start of the hunt

"10... 9..."

The kid grasps at the front door, desperately yanking down on the handle. Obviously it wont budge. In a panic he starts to bang on the door with his fists.

"8... 7..."

Giving up on the door he runs to the window, flinging open the curtains to try the handle. Also locked. He peers out, looking for anyone to help. But there is no one.

"6... 5... "

The landline is next. It is an old fashioned corded wall phone. In his panic he likely doesn't notice the lack of dial tone as he dials for the police.

"4... 3..."

Dropping the phone he charges to the kitchen, pulling open draws and cupboards to find a weapon. It amuses me when he pulls out a spatula as if that could help him.

"2... 1..."

I see him searching for his mobile to no avail.

"0, Here I come"

I stand and face him. Staring him down as he freezes near the kitchen, on the other side of the dining table. I shift left but dodge right. He falls for it, scrambling to get away from me. I easily catch him by his arm. He punches blindly, catching me in the chest. Reaching forward, I grip his neck in one hand. I lift the kid easily, throwing him across the room. He lands awkwardly, sprawled across the floor.

I stride over as he struggles to rise. Grabbing a foot, I pull of one sock. I drag him by his ankle over to the coffee table. Reaching into my bag, I extract a pair of handcuffs. When the kid sees this his struggles become frenzied. He screams in panic, calling for anyone to help. A swift kick to the stomach puts a stop to this.

The kid, now gasping for air, tries to crawl away form me. I crouch down on him, placing a knee into the small of his back. He cries out as I first cuff one wrist, puling it behind his back before securing the other in the same fashion. I stand and watch him pull at his restrains for a moment before continuing our game.


The kid painfully tries to stand, his bound wrists making the movement difficult. Panting heavily he stumbles up the stairs, almost tripping and falling in his haste. I watch as he crashes through his bedroom door. A moment later he slams the door closed again.

I continue to count down. Taking my time with it, I make sure I close the curtains that the kid flung open earlier. I wouldn't want anyone to peek in on us. Reaching zero I make my way up the stairs and to the bedroom. Opening the door I peer around the room, there is no sight of him.

I know he hasn't escaped through the locked window. It is evident there is only one place to hide, the closet. I stalk up to it, flinging the doors open. Matt is cowering in the back, trying to use some hanging clothes to hide himself.

"Please. Please just leave me alone. I can give you money. Please, just let m..."

I cut him off with a quick jab to the stomach. He doubles over, coughing and wheezing as the air is once again knocked out of him. I grab him by the hair and pull him out the room. The punch to the gut and the speed of my stride cause the kid to fall. He is helpless to stop me as I drag him down the stairs, bumping down each step.

I reach the couch and throw the kid onto it. Pulling off his remaining sock, I turn to rummage in my bag. I find what I am looking for, an O-ring gag. I push the kid onto his back. He tries to get away but I sit on his chest, pinning him in place. Using my hands I forced his mouth open, placing the gag just behind his teeth before securing it behind his head. He moans through the gag, his complaints slurred by the gag.

"Remember when I said there may be a bit of slap and tickle between rounds? I think now is the perfect time for it. Don't you think?"

"Noghh. pleash. pleash. noghh!!"

I ignore him as I slowly unzip my pants, pulling out my aching cock. It stands at a more than respectable 7 inches. Thick and veiny, it must be an intimidating sight for the kid. Gripping my member, I use it to slap the kids face. He shakes and tries to get away but I hold his face still. I circle the ring of the gag with my cock head, letting some of my pre drip down into his open mouth.

Standing, I kick my trousers off. I am now naked from the waist down, my erection standing tall and excited. I move to the end of the couch, dragging the boy with me by his hair. I pull his head off the side of the couch, holding either side of his head as I line up with the gag. I sink my aching manhood deep into his mouth. He gags and chokes on my erection, the feeling of his throat convulsing around my cock is incredible.

I groan in quiet ecstasy as the kid writhes underneath me. I stand with my cock buried in the kids throat, my balls pressed against his nose. I wait 10 seconds before pulling out. He coughs and splutters, gasping in deep breaths. I allow a few seconds before plunging in again. This time I fuck him for real, pistoning in and out as he chokes on my girth.

The feeling is incredible and I keep it up for a couple of minutes. It takes a lot of willpower for me to finally stop. I pull out of the kids gagged maw. A string of saliva still connecting his mouth to my cock. Drool has run down his face, collecting in his nose and spilling onto the carpet. I stand back as the kid coughs and moans before me.


One word sends a new wave of panic over him. He groggily rolls of the couch, struggling to his feet. There is still some fight left in him it seems. He shakily makes his way to the stairs again. Climbing them on unsteady legs, he makes his way to the bathroom. He barely gets through the door before I hit 0.

I make my way after him, basking in the feeling of power and control as my prey scrambles away from me. I reach the bathroom door, he has locked it. One hard kick sends it swinging inwards to reveal my playmate. He is awkwardly brandishing the blade from a razor in his cuffed hands. Very clever I muse, I didn't think of that. I will have to be more careful next time.

I easily disarm the kid, grabbing his wrist with one hand and the razor with the other. He screams and cries through the gag, tears streaming down his face. I discard the razor in the toilet and flush. Lifting the kid onto my shoulders, I carry him back into the living room. Sitting him on the couch, I rip his shirt down the middle, pulling the rags off of him.

I pull the next toy out of my bag before turning back to the kid. Climbing onto his lap, I straddle him. We are once again face to face. I look down and admire his abs, bringing a hand down to fondle and molest his physique. I pinch at a nipple, loving the pained moan that escapes him. The moan turns into a scream as I twist, his body bucks below mine as he tries to dislodge me from his sensitive area.

I muffle the scream by inserting some fingers into his open mouth. I explore his orifice with my digits, pulling at his tongue, feeling it wiggle like a panicked fish. Spittle spills from his open mouth, dripping down his chin and onto his chest. I scoop it up, smearing it over his face. I lick up his cheek, savoring the salt of his tears.

The next toy is a blindfold. I show it to him as he begs and pleads for mercy. I always love the pitiful way a person talks behind a ring gag. I tie the blindfold around the kids head, making sure it is tight and secure before I dismount from the sofa.

Grabbing an ankle I pull the kid off the couch. He slides down until only his head is propped on the edge of the couch cushion. Stepping forward I position myself above the kids head, straddling his face. Gripping his blindfolded face in both hands, I force him to face upwards at my swinging prick. His own saliva leaks off of my cock and into his waiting mouth.

I squat downward, pushing my manhood past the gag and into his warm mouth. My entire length sinks into the kids throat. He gags, throat convulsing around my member. I push my weight into him, pressing his head into the couch, nose tight against my crotch. I can feel his stubble tickling at my balls as they rest on his chin. I savor the moment as he writhes below me, his struggles getting more and more desperate as air begins to run out.

I pull out, the kid gasps in air for a few seconds before I force him to once again inhale my cock. I start to fuck his mouth, allowing a few seconds of air for every 10 thrusts or so. It feels incredible. I enjoy his mouth for a couple of minutes before I decide to continue our game. I step back, my cock glistening with saliva, and look down on the exhausted boy.


He is coughing and wheezing but still manages to struggle up to his feet. In his blinded state he takes a couple of uneasy steps toward the direction of the stairs. As I reach 5 he panics, picking up speed in an attempt to get away from me. In his alarm he runs head first into a wall. I watch as he tumbles to the floor, moaning in pain.

I reach zero and saunter on over to him. He is struggling to get back on his feet. I feel his head, there is a large lump but the skin hasn't broken. Gripping his hair I pull him back to the coffee table. I reach into my bag and pull out a pair of nipple claps, connected by a chain.

I lay over the kid, pressing my body tight against his. I kiss and lick at his face, flicking my tongue past his gag into his open mouth. Working my way down I suck at his neck, feeling his pulse beating under my tongue. I kiss down his chest to his nipples. Taking turns I suck and nibble at each, drawing gasps and moans from the him.

Once his nipples are good and hard I affix the clamps to them. They are tight and unforgiving, the kid groans in discomfort and pain. Sitting up I pull at the chain. He squeals and arches his back, trying desperately to reduce the tension on his nipples.

I drop the chain and shimmy down his body. I force myself between his legs, unzipping the crotch of his jeans in the process. Grabbing his ankles I lift his legs into the air. I pull at the ends of his jeans, sliding them off in three rough tugs. I reach back over to my bag and pull out a collapsible spreader bar.

Extending the bar, I attach each ankle to a leather cuff on either end. The bar is fully extended and kids legs are stretched painfully wide. I lift and push the kids legs up so his ankles rest near his head. I am left with a wonderful view of the kids spread and accessible crotch.

I marvel at the nearly naked boy before me. He is wearing a pair of tight boxers, the bulge of his penis presses against the fabric. Bracing my hands on his thighs, I press my face into his crotch. The smell is intoxicating as I smear my face into him, pressing my nose as deep into his underwear as possible.

I feel my cock strain with excitement I decide to sample the kids mouth for the third time tonight. I stand, allowing his legs to drop back to the floor. Moving over to the boys head I once again line my cock up with his gag. I lay over the kids body top to tail. My face is pressed into the kids crotch as his is impaled deep onto my member.

I start humping onto the lads trapped face as he chokes and splutters around my cock. My thrusts are slow and deliberate. I pull out just enough for the kid to take a few gasping breaths, before slowly sinking all the way back into him. I nuzzle into his crotch, sucking and licking at the outline of his penis. Unfortunately he doesn't harden under my attentions. Its no matter, he will be begging me to let him cum soon enough.

I get somewhat carried away as we sixty-nine on the floor. It is only when I feel the approach of an orgasm that I realize that we've been going at it for over 5 minutes. I rock back onto my knees, my balls sit on the kids forehead, cock glistening as it rests over his face.

"OK kid, last chance. If you cant get away from me this time then you are mine for good. Understand? Right lets get going. 10."

The poor boy is exhausted. He has spent the last half hour being thrown about, fighting and struggling for his freedom. The last five minutes have been spent choking on my cock, gasping for every breath that I allowed him. He is now trussed up with his arms behind his back and legs spread wide.

He howls in frustration and fear as he hopelessly attempts to get up, or even crawl away from me. His breathing is ragged and strained as the exertion wears him down. I watch, counting down the seconds as he fails to move more than three feet away from me. He manages to flip onto his stomach, using a worm like movement to inch away.

At zero I lean forward and pull him back to me by the ankle. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him up into a kneeling position, body pressed against mine. My cock presses against the kids covered ass cheeks. I grind myself against him, moving a hand down his chest, into his underwear to fondle and play with his genitals.

"Tough luck boy, you lost. And now I get to enjoy my prize. You wont be needing these anymore."

With that I rip off his boxers, reveling his soft member. I note that he keeps his bush neatly trimmed making quite the pretty sight. I reach into the bag next to me, finding a thick leather collar and leash. I secure it tight around his neck, the unyielding leather makes an uncomfortable fit for the boy.

"From now on you will wear a collar at all times. You are my property, my slave, my pet."

"Pleash.. Nogh.. Pleash.."

The kid is stuttering and begging. Tears run out from under his blindfold as the full gravity of the situation settles in.

"Begging wont do you any good now boy. I laid out the rules, fair and square. You lost and now you have to deal with the consequences."

From my bag I extract a shiny metal chastity cage. The kid flinches from the cold steel as I fit it over is penis. He doesn't truly struggle until I start sliding the metal shaft of the sounding rod into his urethra. The rod has several beveled plugs down its length that stretch the kids channel painfully. I have to hold him still until it is fully inserted. The sound, once fully in, is locked to his cage. The cage is then locked with a tiny padlock, the key thrown back into the bag.

"Look at your cute little prick. All locked up and at my mercy. If you ever want to cum again you will have to beg me for it. Or win one of our games. Wont that be fun?"

"hakgh itgh oghh.. pleash"

"Sorry, no can do. I do think its about time I got to know your body a little more though."

Propping his hip up with one hand, I push his head down with the other. The kid kneels before me, ass up and face pressed into the carpet. The sight is glorious, firm round cheeks frame a perfect asshole. I grip his cheeks, spreading them and opening his hole slightly.

I lean in, lightly flicking my tongue against it, teasing and probing him. He tenses and flinches on contact but soon relaxes a bit. Once he is used to me, I plunge in. Eating him out, kissing, sucking and nibbling on his anus. I am a starving man and he is a hot snack. After a minute or so of rimming I lean back again to admire his plump rump. His hole glistens with saliva and I notice his cock has grown tighter against his chastity cage.

"Enjoy that did you? I knew you would be a good slut. You are going to love being my little whore aren't you?"

"Pleash.. Nogh.."

"Its a shame that cage of yours makes your excitement rather uncomfortable, doesn't it?"

I pat his caged penis to emphasis my point, drawing a moan of displeasure from my captive. At this point I am running low on self control. My cock stands rigid, begging to be pressed into his tight pocket. I decide not to prep the boy for the coming intrusion. Liking the idea of my cock being the first object the kid will ever feel being pushed into his ass.
I line up, massaging the head of my penis up and down his crack. Taking some mercy on him I find a bottle of lube from my bag and liberally spread it over my penis. I don't want to split him open and do permanent damage. All lubed up I press my cock head against his anus.

Realizing what is about to happen the kid panics, thrashing about, trying to pull his ass away from me. I grip his cheeks, holding him still whilst spreading him open for my access. Slowly applying pressure, my cock starts to part his glistening pucker.

He screams as his anus stretches over my manhood. His ass clenches, trying to push me out. The tightness is astounding as the head of my cock slowly disappears inside of him. Inch after inch of my member sinks into him as he screams and begs for me to stop. I don't care though as I am consumed by bliss, my groans of pleasure meld with his cries of pain.

Soon I have bottomed out in him. I take a moment to enjoy the situation, grinding against the kids ass as he cries below me. I smack his cheek hard with an open palm, ordering him to quiet down. His screams and cries subside into quiet gurgled sobs. I slowly pull back, his sphincter gripping me as I leave, until only my head rests inside of him.

I push in fast this time, eliciting a sharp cry from the boy but nothing more. He grunts as I start fucking him in earnest, thrusting in and out with increasing speed. As I speed up I get rougher, slamming into the lad without a care for his pleasure or comfort. He gasps in pain with every thrust, his hands clenching with the effort.

Soon I feel my climax rising. I push him flat to the ground. Leaning over him I place my hands on his upper back, pushing my weight on him. I start to thrust down into him, bouncing off of his ass with each descent. My pace becomes wild as lust overwhelms me. An animalistic state takes over as I pound down on the pathetic form under me.

Moments away from release I press my whole body onto his, crushing him with my weight. Gripping his hair I lift his head up with one and, wrapping the other arm round his neck. I kiss and lick at his face, tasting his salty tears as I moan into his ear.

My thrusts have now become shallow, circular grinding movements. I try and delay the inevitable for as long as possible but soon enough my pleasure crests and an orgasm jolts through me. I push as deep as possible as my seed fills him, dumping wave after wave of my load into his freshly violated anus.

Spent, I rest there, nuzzled into his neck, cock softening in his ass. I can hear the kid softly crying. After taking a minute to regain my composure, I push myself into a kneeling position. I extract my now soft cock from the kids asshole, it pops out, leaking a small amount of my cum onto the carpet.

To seal the rest of my seed in, I source a butt plug and a couple of egg vibrators from my bag. I pop both eggs inside of him, the wires now trailing out of his ass to controllers on the floor.

The kid groans as I work the plug in, at its widest it is thicker than my penis. Once I am past that point it slides in with a satisfying smoothness. The boys ass is now filled with toys. Using a roll of bandage wrap I secure the vibrator controls to the kids thigh, setting them to high.

The kid moans and catches his breath as the intense vibrations course through him. He squirms and twitches, overwhelmed by the sensations the eggs are causing inside of him.

Satisfied, I stand, lifting the kid by his arms. I walk to the couch and sit, forcing him to kneel in front of me. I study his tear streaked face, blindfolded, drool spilling from his open mouth. He has never looked more beautiful to me. I bring his face down to my crotch, inserting my spent member into his open mouth.

"Come on boy, lick it clean. Don't make me have to hit you again. You don't want that do you?"

Defeated the kid starts to lick at my shaft, awkwardly cleaning it of my juices.

"That's it, you are such a natural cock slut. I bet you like the taste of your own ass on my cock?"

I relax back as he services me, enjoying the efforts of the inexperienced lad. I think on what the rest of the night has in store for us. As my cock begins to harden again I consider what game we could play next. There are many more activities I have planned for the boy, it seems like this is the start of a very long and satisfying night.

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