Women or men are better flirt?

11.9.2023 15:48 E_Lio

Due my job in tourism and service industry I get to deal with a lot customers. To observe how they talk, how they work, succeed, fall in love, dislike, be nice or get mad 😡
But I have one little secret passion... Flirting... Out of all the women that I have been in contact with (work, business, casual, relationship or friendship) I can 100% say that the women are in another level. Just a look, a smile, then a breathe , then a sweet talk, kind ask, a walk, maybe a perfume... Almost all of them know their best game and what makes them stronger at that game. Is that a dress, or is it that song, maybe those shoes, that sport event, this movie or book ... If i sit and watch and observe to analyze, the women are walking softwares. Almost as if it is installed in them. They just walk, look, and process when needed.

Imagine a decent man walks into 10 bars at one night, how many times out of 10 he can "score" ?!

How about a lady walks into 10 bars with the same purpose. What are the chances that she will walk out empty handed ?!

Do you think 🤔 otherwise?! Anything sexier than women flirting?! Happy to discuss...