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An excerpt from the Terms of Uploading Content and Behavior.
(Terms of Uploading Content and Behavior - the full text)

  1. On chat, we behave, discuss and write politely, towards all users. We do not insult, threaten or provoke or instigate arguments and conflicts in any way. We do not publish, especially publicly, any personal and identification data or provide such data that may harm other users.
  2. Each chat room can have its own rules, which are determined by the users for whom they are intended, however, these rules should not contradict the regulations at or lower their standards. The rooms do not serve for selling, promoting or offering any services unless expressly permitted by the administrator.
  3. It is forbidden to repeatedly send the same or similar symbols, emoticons or any other texts in any room, especially at such an intensity that it disturbs other users in the chat room.
  4. A serious violation of the rules is in particular publishing, depicting or inciting, directly or indirectly, in any form (audio, video, text), the following activities: sexual intercourse with an animal, child pornography (it is forbidden to even show children on a webcam), rape/sexual intercourse without the consent of the participants, extreme violence, mutilation, dismembering, coprophilia (eating excrement), menstruation, defecation or vomiting.
  5. It is prohibited to encourage or in any way to offer or receive substances prohibited by law, in any form, in particular by using synonyms or names and abbreviations evoking these substances, both directly and indirectly. In case of doubt, it is up to the user to prove the opposite in the given situation.
  6. It is prohibited to invite other chat participants to external applications. These are, for example, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Meet, etc. This rule also applies to situations where all video call participants agree to such a procedure. Inviting users to photo-sharing apps is also strictly prohibited. In these cases, the provider is in no way responsible for any damage or the criminal nature of the action in question.
  7. Situations not covered in these or other rules can be individually assessed by the administrators, however, they must not collide with these rules. Every violation of the rules is recorded and the user is always informed about the violation of the rules. In case of ambiguities or doubts regarding the evaluation of a violation of the rules, the user can contact customer support.

Thank you for following the rules.