Video chat rules

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The user may not breach the moral principles and must act in accordance with the legal rules. In the event that any of the rules outlined below are breached, the user will be temporarily prohibited from accessing chat. Should grave offences be detected, we reserve the right to deactivate the account without prior notice.

Any breach of these rules warrants your being kicked out of the room.

  1. The chat user is obliged to behave in a polite manner with other chatters, not offend their dignity, good name, sex, race or religion.
  2. Any kind of threatening towards users is strictly banned.
  3. Use of vulgarisms or similar expressions is prohibited during chat, as are derogatory terms to address any of the chatters (as an exception, vulgarisms may be used in a conversation between chatters which clearly do not intend to harass or offend anyone).
  4. The administrator is authorised to resolve any abusive behaviour or verbal conflicts as s/he deems best, which may result in the user being kicked out of the room should s/he fail to respect the rules. In such a case, the administrator is obliged to cite a reason for kicking the person out. Repeated failure to cite a reason may lead to termination of the administrator's position.
  5. Referred to as "pasting", any unjustified repetition of the same or similar text, animation or link, which disturbs other users from chatting freely, is considered to be a breach of the rules.
  6. A user can be present only in those chat rooms where he actively chats with other users. It is prohibited to stay in chat rooms solely for the purpose of spamming with a copy-pasted text. Users who do not respect this policy can be kicked off the chat room by the administrator.
  7. When it comes to "Smiley shows" i.e. situations where the user does not write any text but simply enters a large quantity of smiley faces, it is at the administrator's discretion to determine the extent to which this should be tolerated. Such behaviour may lead to the guilty party being kicked out of the room.
  8. Users may only enter their contact details in private, never in public (we are protecting you from data protection abuse).
  9. Users are prohibited from requesting or offering remuneration for erotic services, offering or searching for goods for purchase or sale. The placing of adverts (advertising) is also prohibited except in the designated areas.
  10. A user offering erotic services is allowed to upload only his own personal photos to his profile. Uploading photos of other people or photos downloaded from the interent can lead the administrator to block such user´s account.
  11. Incitement towards any immoral activity with animals or children is strictly prohibited! (If any such activity is detected, the matter is passed on immediately to the competent national authorities of the Czech Republic for handling and the offender's profile is removed).
  12. Each room may have its own individual rules determined by its permanent administrators, however these rules may not conflict with the general chat rules.
  13. The user may not pretend to act as the chat administrator unless they are actually appointed to this role.
  14. A strict ban applies to inviting people to chat via webcam, msn, skype and other similar services (the chat webcam is permitted).
  15. A ban applies to inviting people to swingers chat in areas other than those designated for this purpose.
  16. The displaying of children is prohibited on the webcam.
  17. The kick out of users found masturbating on webcams is only allowed in rooms where there is a written notice in the room stating "no masturbation and intercourse on the webcam". In other rooms, it is not permitted to kick out these users. The user should be notified before being kicked out.
  18. When kicking any user out, the administrator is obliged to cite the reason for doing so, otherwise s/he may lose the right to perform the administrator role. On being kicked out, should the user be dissatisfied, s/he may contact a higher administrator or get in touch via the contacts. S/he will not however offend the user who kicked him out.
  19. It is strictly prohibited to cause arguments in the room in any manner (by text, through the webcam). Should a user regularly cause arguments, on notifying the main administrator, it is possible that the user will be blocked access to chat, or possibly also the website.
  20. The administrator is authorised to resolve on screen arguments in the room by kicking the guilty party out without prior notice and cites the reason as "causing arguments" and attaches part of the communication which the user placed on the screen.
  21. Should anyone mix up which room s/he intends to use, the administrator should politely ask for him/her to leave (this primarily refers to private rooms).

Nobody is to be kicked out for this (we are only humans):

  1. Sometimes people say things without thinking.
  2. Someone can take a dislike to another person.

Situations which are not contained in the rules indicated above will be judged on an individual basis by the chat administrator.