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I sit in silence, assessing the sight before me. The boy is kneeling, blindfolded, arms secured behind his back. A line of drool spills from his gagged mouth. The vibrating eggs in his ass buzz, the sensations causing him to periodically clench his cheeks.

I lean forward, grasping his neck in one hand to hold him steady as I pull on his nipple chain with the other. He whines as I tug, trying to lean towards the direction I am pulling.

"You belong to me now boy," I purr as my hand grips his neck.

"But how long I own you for is still a mystery. The next game will decide that."

The kid's sobs quite as hope once more grows within him. He listens intently to me as I continue.

"We are going to play a game. Not too unlike Simon Says."

I drop the chain and move down past his caged member, he flinches as I clutch his balls, twisting them away from his body.

"I am going to give you a task. If you hesitate you will add a day to your service to me. If you fail to complete the task you will add a week. Understand?"

His despair is palpable as a pathetic whine escapes his mouth. A quick tug on his balls reminds him of my question and he gives a defeated nod.

"Good," I reach past his head and start to unbuckle his gag.

"I am taking the gag off of you. If you talk, cry or make any loud noise, I will add a week."

The gag comes off, he works his jaw open and closed to relieve the soreness. I let him rest for a moment if only to prepare himself for our fun.

"Open your mouth," I command.

He reluctantly complies.

"Wider, as wide as you can make it," He strains as his jaw stretches to its limit.

"Good, stick out your tongue."

His soft pink tongue pokes through his open lips. Reaching out I touch it with my fingers. He flinches, darting his tongue back for a second before remembering the game. A lenient man might have let him get away with it but I am not.

Sitting next to me on the couch is a black cattle prod. Picking it up I touch it to his chest. There is a spark of electricity and the kid buckles over in pain. His shriek is cut off as I pull him back up by his hair.

"That's already a day added to your time boy. At this rate, you will be mine for life."

Without even needing to be asked again my captive opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out. His breathing is rapid as he tries to calm his panic. This time he is expecting my fingers and doesn't do much more than flinch.

"Suck my fingers", I command as I push my index and middle fingers into his open mouth.

He closes his lips around my digits and starts to suck. I finger his mouth, pushing up to the knuckle before pulling out again. With a few more commands he is using his tongue to massage my fingers as they invade his orifice.

I stand, towering over the boy as he slurps on my digits. My manhood has grown hard again and it strains for his attention.

"Sniff my balls," I order.

It is only for a second but he pauses. The cattle prod stings him once more, this time on his shoulder. He cries out but is silenced by a hard slap to the face.

"That is two more days boy, one for hesitating and one for the noise."

This time he promptly presses his face into my crotch when commanded. I guide him with a firm hand on the head as he sniffs at my testicles.

"You like that huh? That's the smell of a man," I taunt as I press him hard into my nuts.

After a couple more rounds of the game, he is obediently lapping away at my fuzzy orbs. I instruct him to take one in his mouth and suck. He does so, swallowing down my left nut. Without needing instructions his tongue starts to tickle at the enclosed ball. The kid is a natural at this.

"Time for the main course. You know what to do."

Reluctantly the kid spits out my ball and takes the head of my member into his mouth. Bobbing forward he starts to suck up and down, only taking a couple of inches of my length at a time.

"Take the whole thing, I want your nose pressed into my pubes. Understand?"

He tries but gags halfway down, causing him to pull back. The prod crackles as it touches his thigh, adding a week to his captivity. I command him to try again, this time he does try and swallow me down. My cock is almost all the way in before he gags once more, earning another week with me.

It takes two more attempts before he can touch his nose to my crotch. It is only for a second before he pulls back, coughing and retching. I guide him back to my cock.

"Well done kid, I was starting to think you wanted to be mine forever. Do it again but hold there for 10 seconds."

"Please, I can't. Please, I will do anything else, I can't do it," He begs.

All this earns him is another two days, one for talking and the other for hesitation. Beaten he sucks my manhood into his mouth, forcing it into his throat as he takes my whole length. While it is easier for him to take me now, he doesn't last more than a few seconds.

The cattle prod dances on his skin and I pull him back onto my shaft. He lasts five seconds before choking again. He fails six more times before completing the task. At the count of 10, he collapses back, wheezing as drool spills from his trembling lips.

"You have lost over two months of your life to me boy," I tease as I allow him a moment of respite.

Crouching to his level, covering his mouth with mine. I kiss him deeply, tasting myself on his tongue. He is too weak to put up any resistance as I invade him with my tongue. We make out for almost a minute before I bore of it.

Standing I pull his head back into my crotch ordering him to suck. He dutifully obeys, bobbing his head over my shaft, taking it deep. He has learned a lot in a short period, I have a feeling he will be a natural at a lot of things in the future.

I push him off of me and take two steps back.

"Ok boy, you have 5 seconds to get my cock down your throat."

Panicking he stumbles forward on his knees, the spreader bar making it difficult to move. Losing his balance and falling to the floor he lands painfully, without the ability to brace himself. As he struggles back to his knees time runs out.

He cries as the shock strikes him in the chest. I inform him that he has lost another week before taking another step back and telling him to try again. This time he doesn't fall. Stumbling face-first into my legs he blindly searches for my cock. Unfortunately, he isn't able to find it before time runs out, earning another shock.

The third time he is lucky. As the countdown starts the kid lunges forward, quickly finding my manhood with his open mouth. He sucks it down as fast as possible, pressing his nose deep into my pubes.

I am impressed with his skill at the game. After repeating the steps a few times he becomes too good. I start to swing my penis back and forth as he searches for it, loving the desperate way he tries to catch it with his open mouth.

I decide on one final round. This time I cross to the other side of the room. Being generous I give him 10 seconds to find me and inhale my member. On go, he makes a good start, crossing half the room in only a couple of seconds. As he passes the coffee table he trips on my bag, sprawling across the floor.

Struggling to his knees again he starts towards me but the fall has thrown him. Losing his balance he tumbles forward, landing at my feet. Time runs out as he is halfway back onto his knees. I pull him the rest of the way up, stinging him with the prod as I do.

I press my swollen manhood against his mouth while delivering a hard slap across his face. He takes it without complaint as I impale him on my shaft.

"Don't gag, every time you gag I will add a week," I command as I hold his face tight against my groin.

At first, he is fine, taking my length with impressive ease for a near virgin cocksucker. As he is held in place I feel the boy start to fidget against my grip, trying to pull back. I do not relent, gripping his hair to keep him still.

He gags. The cattle prod presses against his caged penis, eliciting a shriek from the kid, muffled by my member lodged in his throat. I do not let up as he heaves around my cock. Spittle flies from his maw as he continues to retch, drool spilling out of his quivering lips.

Each time he chokes I shock him, adding another week to his already long sentence. Tears stream out from under his blindfold as his throat convulses around my shaft. I do not release him until he is red in the face, begging for air. I give him a few seconds of rest, gasping for breath between violent coughs.

Unclasping his blindfold I reveal raw, red eyes. Blinking up at me the kid has never looked better. His face is a mess of tears and saliva, snot leaks from his nose as he sniffles and sobs. I force him back onto my cock, his eyes scrunch with the effort of taking me.

"Look at me as I fuck you boy."

His eyelids flutter open as he stares up at me, fresh tears brimming within them. I stare back as I hold him to my groin, loving the pleading puppy dog look he is giving me. Soon he once more loses control of his gag reflex, choking around my manhood. He cries out as I shock him. His wails vibrate through my cock, sending waves of pleasure through me.

He doesn't do as bad as the first time, only earning another month and a half of service to me. He seems to be truly trying to succeed, either from fear of the prod or the time added. There is a part of me that thinks he is starting to enjoy the challenge of it, he has the drive to win, to do well.

Deciding he can't hold his breath much longer I allow him to pull back. As he sucks in air I slap him with my sloppy member, wiping it against his tear-stained face. Once he has recovered I spear him back onto my cock, restarting the trial.

He learns quickly and is soon able to take me without much complaint, not even gagging for a full minute. I hit the jackpot with this kid. He seems to be born to do this. Serving me is his true calling and I am sure it won't take much to convince him of that.

As he recovers from the latest round of deepthroating, I decide is time for his final test.

"You have done so well," I profess, cradling his face in my hand.

"You are ready for a final test. As this is the grand finale to the game there are increased stakes."

The kid looks up at me with an uncertain, fearful expression.

"If you fail this task I am adding a month to your service to me. But if you win I will take a month. Fair right?"

Knowing I need an answer and that he has no choice the boy gives a small nod.

"Good. The final task is simple, make me cum. You have a minute."

He blinks, processing my words before realising the clock is already ticking. Springing forward he inhales my cock, taking it with a speed and ease I didn't think he would be capable of.

He works rapidly, bobbing his head as he slurps on my hardness. I groan as his tongue dances against my shaft, massaging me with surprising skill. He has a clear drive to win as he incorporates all of his newly learned tricks.

The pleasure is intense and unexpected. I stagger back, finding the armchair and collapsing onto it. He follows burying his head into my lap as I slump back. I groan as the kid's lips stretch over my girth, sucking my length back down his throat.

I am close. The sensations overwhelming me. My hips buck and flex, thrusting up and into the kid's mouth. My toes curl. Hands grip at the armrest. I throw my head back gasping and moaning in ecstasy.

"Ah... I'm cumming. Swallow.. Swallow it all," I pant out as my pleasure spills over.

The dam bursts as I spurt my load into the boys waiting mouth. My body convulses as an orgasm rips through me. My cock twitches as it pumps my seed into the boy. He drinks it down, milking me to the last drop.

Spent, I collapse back into the armchair as my manhood softens in the kid's mouth. He continues to suckle on my meat, once more proving his submissive instincts. I give a minute for us both to recover before sitting up once more.

I pull his face from my crotch and lean in for a kiss. Our tongues dance against each other as I hungrily press my mouth against his. Reaching down I grasp his caged penis, feeling it swell tight against its constraints. He groans into my mouth as I massage it, writhing with discomfort.

Disconnecting from his mouth I stare deep into his watery eyes.

"Well done kid. I am proud of you. You did better than I could have ever hoped," I praise him as I continue to work his bound manhood.

His face is a mix of humiliation and pride. Fresh tears well in his eyes as these two emotions clash within him.

"And for your excellent performance, you get to be released a month early. Does that make you happy? Answer truthfully."

"Yes," he answers in a soft, defeated voice.

"You should be proud of yourself," I purr, loving the conflicting emotions the kid is working through.

"And as an extra reward, I am going to let you cum tonight. Would you like me to take this off?" I indicate toward his chastity cage.

"Yes... Please," He responds in a barely audible whisper.

I stand and retrieve my bag. Fishing the key out I unlock his cage. He gasps as the sounding rod is extracted from his urethra. Once free his member grows to its full length. It is an impressive size, the cage must have been truly uncomfortable for him.

"Those vibrators must have been teasing you boy," I comment as I work his shaft with my hand.

I draw myself back onto the armchair, pulling the kid up with me. I bend him over my lap, face to the floor and ass in the air. The spreader bar allows his anus to be fully exposed and accessible to me.

The stem of the butt plug nestles between his cheeks. He gasps as I pull it out, his anus winking in its sudden vacuum. I press two fingers in, feeling the vibrations from the eggs that rest within him. His cock strains against the side of my thigh. I caress it with my free hand, pulling it back between his legs.

I find his prostate and press an egg hard against it. He moans with the sudden stimulation, bucking his hips against me.

"Like that? That's your G-spot. It's why it feels so good to get fucked."

I continue to finger him, stroking his penis as I do. The kid starts to flexing his pelvis with my movements, humping against my leg. God, he is a horny little slut. His breathing gets louder as he gasps and moans with forced pleasure.

I feel that he is close. Continuing until he is on the verge of release, I suddenly stop, removing my hands from his aching cock. He thrusts in a pathetic attempt to push himself over the edge before giving up. I allow him to cool off for a second before restarting his molestations.

We continue like this for a good 10 minutes. His frustrated humping gets more animated and pronounced as I continue to tease him. His moans and groans get louder, he is starting to sound like a little slut. After a particularly close call, he writhes on my lap in exasperation.

"Uhhh... Please.. Please let me.." He quietly begs between moans.

"Do you want me to let you cum?" I ask, amused.

"Yes... Please."

I only let sluts cum. Are you a cockslut?" I tease.


"Yes, you are what?"

"...a cockslut."

"Good. But I don't just give sluts orgasms without making them earn it."

He whines below me as I continue to work my fingers into his hole.

"In fact, I have a fun game we can play that is all about earning it. Let's start."

I promptly stand, sending the kid crashing onto the floor. He flounders there, desperately trying to push himself over the edge. Bound as he is the attempt is futile.

Grabbing a loop of rope from my bag I make my way upstairs. The rope is looped over the railing on the upper landing, hanging down to the floor below. Moving back to the kid I drag him over to the rope by his spreader bar. He cries in pain as the carpet burns his skin.

I stand him up, tying the rope to his cuffs. I uncuff one wrist, bringing his hands above his head before securing them again. I pull the rope taught, forcing his arms up until he is standing on his toes, straining against the rope.

More rope is tightly wound around the base of his cock, his balls are also secured with several loops until the skin sits taught and smooth against his orbs. Retrieving the blindfold I place it over his eyes, throwing him into darkness.

Standing before him I once more grasp his straining cock, pumping it within my tight fist. Wrapping my free arm around his head I press my face into his.

"Kiss me," I command, brushing my lips against his.

He opens his mouth, leaning forward to meet mine. He kisses me, tongue clashing with my own. I nibble his lip, biting at the soft flesh. He is already close as I feel him start to thrust into my hand.

Stopping before he can finish I take a step back. He pants in frustration as his lust overwhelms him.

"Soon I will allow you cum. If you cum before then you will be punished. If you make too much noise you will be punished. Understand?"

He nods, shifting his weight in anticipation of what I will do.

I retrieve my bag, setting it up on the dining table. From it, I extract a handful of wooden clothespins and a couple of metal weights. The weights I attach to his nipple chain, he sucks in air as his nipples are pulled down, the teeth from the clamps biting into his tender flesh.

I start to apply the clothespins to his body. Starting with a line across his chest before working my way down his abs. He breaths deep as the pegs are clamped to his skin, controlling his reaction to the pain.

Soon his chest his littered with pins, I move to his crotch. He is still hard as I grasp his member in my hand, I masturbate him as I start to work on his balls. As I apply the pegs to his sensitive nuts he twists and groans, holding back from shouting in pain.

Once I am satisfied with his balls I apply a line of clothespins up his penis, pinching one over his tip. He is groaning with pain now, fidgeting and fussing as the pegs bite into his skin. It is time for the best part, the removal.

I fetch a crop from my bag. As I return to him I swat lightly at the pegs on his chest. Each hit tussles a pin, causing it to pull at his skin. He twists away, causing the weights on his nipples to swing, eliciting even more pain.

I start swatting harder at the clothespins, removing one with each hit. He jerks and grunts as the pegs are removed. This entire time his penis stays hard, the vibrators and cock bondage doing their job well.

As the number of pegs on his chest dwindles I start to think about his pegged up crotch. Dropping the crop I crouch in front of him. In one quick motion, I press my hands over his cock and balls, knocking most of them off in a single pass.

He howls in pain, unable to control himself as the blood rushes back into his pinched skin. I stand, pressing one hand over his mouth as I pull on his nipple chain with the other. He cries into my palm, sobbing in agony.

I wait for him to calm before removing my hand.

"You made too much noise boy. You will be punished. But that comes later."

Looking down, I see my cock growing hard. I move behind him, pressing a finger into his ass. He moans involuntarily from the intrusion.

"Push your ass out boy, like a good slut," I command as I work another finger into his hole.

He complies arching his back to push his cute bubble butt towards me. I remove my fingers and line up my cock, pushing in without warning him. The violation causes the kid to catch his breath, groaning as my penis slides inside him. I feel the vibrations from the eggs against my member as I rest within him.

I pull back on his hair, pressing my face against his ear.

"Beg me to fuck you."

"Please fuck me," he begs, defeated.

"What are you?" I ask.

"A slut," comes his shameful reply.

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