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Sexy Stuff at Home? Yes, Possi

6.12.2016 02:20 author: Trott comments: 1 views: 2905x

TrottWe all want to be ahead in the rat race and for that we need to be motivated a bit. But motivation is not possible unless and until you boost yourself. Well, for that to some extent sex also plays a key role. Sex is something that we all want to come across. But we are just afraid that what if someone will come to know about our hidden temptations. We all have feelings in the heart that we should be able to get intimate with someone or there should be love for lusty eyes and so on. However, we rarely are able to fulfill all our desires. But if you search for the hottest Famous Porn Stars…

Driving Mistress Lucy

2.4.2015 23:04 author: ebooks-bdsm-com comments: 0 views: 4799x

ebooks-bdsm-comIn the next part of successful story Driving Miss Lucy the relationship of Lucy and Peter moves further and deeper into BDSM lifestyle. You will find, how the real D/s stag day, wedding and honeymoon looks like and you will share many other kinky moments of their satisfied life together with them.\n\nWritten by: Paul Ferrero TicssonCount of words: 13000Formats: PDF, ePub, mobi Lucy did not unlock the chastity belt yet, but she retrieved a wooden paddle from the wall:\n\n„I promised you a spanking yesterday, for letting me wait for a piss,“ and she followed immediately with a first strike.…

Emma's secrets

21.12.2014 18:31 author: LiveWithStyle comments: 2 views: 4322x

LiveWithStyleWeeks passed since they get comfortable with each other. Trough their profiles on a BDSM dating site they exchanged; pictures, fantasies, desires. Emma was more comfortable talking with him than with her own friends. She was telling him her deepest secrets, fantasies... Every time she had a message from him her panties went soaking wet, just by simple "Hello" from him she was trembling. He was just an online friend, she knew him from pictures, but she wanted him so much not because he's outstanding looks, his beautiful smile, big shoulders and elegant clothes, but because he understood…

Driving Miss Lucy

10.11.2014 23:03 author: ebooks-bdsm-com comments: 0 views: 4740x

ebooks-bdsm-comDriving Miss LucyAuthor: Paul Ferrero Ticsson\n\nThe next day Lucy took him to the bedroom right after they returned from the city. He could not wait, as he knew that today will be a very important day for him. But they walked through the bedroom and into the examination room. He began to suspect it will not be as easy as he thought, but the vision of sex with Lucy ensured his obedience when he was ordered to lay on the gynaecology chair. Lucy bound his arms and legs with leather straps and removed his chastity cage, then she walked away into the torture chamber. When she returned, Peter got…


20.10.2014 00:14 author: ebooks-bdsm-com comments: 0 views: 2302x

ebooks-bdsm-comAC/DCAuthor: Burny from Heaven\n\n„Aaaaaaaaarrrggghhhh,“ my almost inaudible scream mixed with a loudly playing Highway To Hell by AC/DC. Marina, once my housemaid and now my mistress, owner and tormentor, just sent another extremely strong electric shock into my penis, which has been already tortured for several hours. With an expression of amused sadist, she was slowly sliding a steel electrode up and down my urethra. The movement multiplied the strength of every shock, because it increased the contact of the highly conductive rod with my urethra – again and again.\n\nMy name is Roy. I am a…

BDSM Comics - Supremacy Of A W

4.9.2014 23:45 author: ebooks-bdsm-com comments: 0 views: 5374x

ebooks-bdsm-comBDSM Comics - Supremacy Of A WhipDear readers, what we were so long waiting for, is finally here - we have our first BDSM comics ebook for you. It is based on the story Supremacy Of A Whip, which you can find on\n\nThe scenario author is Burny from Heaven and the drawing author is excellent cartoonist RZcomX. We are proud of our cooperation with him, he worked on this project really very careful.\n\nSupremacy Of A Whip is the first comics in a row, we will publish more of them gradually. We believe, that you will enjoy reading it, same like we did while working on…

The New World

4.9.2014 23:28 author: ebooks-bdsm-com comments: 0 views: 2971x

ebooks-bdsm-comThe New World - sample from ebookLike always I cuffed up the slave and switched on the program. He started to scream and I enjoyed it. I was happy about myself. Everything was normal again, at least I thought so. When I came out the training room, I looked finally how wrecked my weak spot was, I felt pain at my heart. Still, I walked over to his cell and commanded him to lay on his stomach and to put his hands behind his back. He did it immediately. The lesson that he got was evidently enough. Moreover, which was my luck, he didn’t notice what he and his shape are doing to me. I remembered…

sauna story

29.8.2009 04:38 author: jooster comments: 3 views: 8008x

joosterour eyes meet and we realise that we are looking at each other and we give each other a smile. I noticed that you have opened your legs slighty revealing your pussy to me more. I am trying to hold back my excitement and trying not get hard. Suddenly the lights go out in the sauna and we are in complete darkness. After some seconds you can feel a hand slowing moving inside your thigh, very gently and slowly moving up towards yourpussy. one finger moves accross your pussylips, making you very wet. Sooon ther is one, two fingers inside you, teasing your clit, slowly then faster. You feel…