General Terms and Conditions Summary

(Excerpt from the General Terms and Conditions, the full text is given here.)

Any guest is welcome here. To ensure safe and undisturbed use of, we have prepared a brief and convenient Decalogue.

  1. is intended for adult users only. Only visitors 18+ (or 21+) are welcome on our platforms.
  2. We behave politely, we respect the laws of our country and other users. We do not attack or insult individuals or groups, we do not provoke conflicts.
  3. is for private use only, for fun. Spreading of content without the provider's consent, insertion of advertisements or links to other sites and promotion of illegal products (such as medicines or weapons) are prohibited.
  4. Each user can only have one registered account. Circumventing the rules leads to blocking all the accounts that the user accesses the website.
  5. The content of is subject to provider’s approval and continuous control. It is explicitly forbidden to publish or instigate the following activities: sex with animals, child pornography, rape/sexual encounter without consent of the participants, extreme violence, mutilation, cutting into pieces (body), coprophilia, menstruation, defecation, or vomiting. If you even so do upload such content, you may be subject to legal consequences – the provider is not responsible for such content.
  6. The higher the user verification level, the more advantages. Users are safe at If you decide to upload your own content and possibly earn from that, we will need to know who you are. We shall not share this information with anyone, though. For more information check our Privacy Protection Policy.
  7. Some of the services at are charged. Not all services at are available for free. The information about the fee is always listed by the given service.
  8. Credit system. You may obtain credits for accessing paid content and services at by purchasing them directly from the provider, as a gift from another user or via your own content. The credits might be exchanged for money upon fulfilling certain conditions.
  9. Discretion and safety first. It is the responsibility of each user to protect their privacy and security. We recommend that you do not disclose personal (and especially contact) information to yourself or others.
  10. You can leave at any time. A user account at might be cancelled anytime for any reason. The cancellation of the account follows the general terms and conditions and privacy policy of
    • In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Protection Policy and GDPR regulations, your data will not be deleted immediately as they may become subject to review and investigation by national authorities, especially the Police of the Czech Republic, with whom we are obligated to cooperate.
    • If you wish to delete any information from your account (e.g., your phone number, email address, nickname or IP address) or cancel your entire account, please do so in the Setting section of user profile.
    • We are not obligated to accept or fulfill any individual requests related to the management of user accounts.