Personal Data Protection at Website

(Excerpt from Privacy and Personal Data Policy, the full text is given here.)

Your privacy and your personal data protection is for very important. In accordance with the respective European and national rules, we comply with the following policy.

  1. We process the data in accordance with law.
    We do not require more data than is required by law. We do not collect or process data of persons younger than 18 years old (minors). We only use cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of our website.
  2. We do not require more information than needed for the registration at
    Basic data needed for registration are primarily e-mail address, gender, country and region.
  3. You may decide which data to provide or not.
    It is completely up to you whether you upload your photography or complete otherwise facultative fields in your profile.
  4. You provide all the data on a voluntary basis.
    We do not force you to provide us with more data than necessary for registration.
  5. You may void, modify or update your consent with personal data processing at any time.
    To do so you can use your user profile. It is not possible to delete all the personal data without deleting the account.
  6. Some data might be transmitted on and thus primarily for rights protection and security of yours and
    And thus especially in cases when we detect behaviour against law or against our terms and conditions at the website.
  7. We collect data primarily to improve our services and to adjust the provided content.
    To provide content that is suitable for you, we shall need to understand your behaviour.
  8. Data and their transmission are encrypted to protect them from undesirable leak.
    You do not need to worry about your privacy, unless you produce such threat yourself.
  9. We are discreet.
    Employees of our company are bound to be strictly confidential regarding all the data they come across during the execution of their job.
  10. Changes to your account cannot be made immediately.
    Due to the operation of and data retention obligations, the account cannot be deleted immediately after the user cancels the account. You change or delete the content and individual personal data exclusively yourself through your user account.

Thank you for respecting the privacy policy, which helps to improve the functioning of the community.